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10 Amazing Photography Projects by Nour El Refai

10 Amazing Photography Projects by Nour El Refai


Nour El Refai Photography

Nour El Refai is an Egyptian photographer who studied architecture in Cairo University. He works as an architectural photographer in the MENA region since 2005. His works include photos for Dar Al Handasah, Majjid Al Futtaim, and Schneider Electric.

Furthermore, Nour El Refai works on documentary projects, where he collaborated with entities like DAAD, GIZ, and St. Mark Foundation. Throughout Nour El Refai photography career, he gained a lot of awards for his amazing work. In addition, various reputable magazines such as Huffington post and financial times previously published his work.


Nour has a strong passion and great experience in photography, which he always works on sharing it with people through his workshops and online courses. In addition, Refai taught architectural photography in Egyptian universities, and still continues to do so in cultural and art centers.

This amazing photographer started his photography journey ever since he was 12. Refai received a film camera as a gift, and took his first photos during fishing trips with his father. And fortunately for us, he never stopped his passion that generated magnificent results.

10 Amazing Photography Projects by Nour El Refai

DAR Headquarters

DAR Smart Village headquarters was conceived by Perkins+will. It features a six-story building that embodies Dar’s Inventiveness and forward-thinking spirit. The building contains work and office spaces that shelter 2,000 staff members.

With its iconic vertical shading system and atrium, the 41,800-m2 headquarters has an executive area that meets the Zero Carbon Standard. In addition, the magnificent design reduced the whole project’s energy consumption by 26%. Moreover, It recently earned a Gold LEED certificate; one of the most acclaimed awards in green buildings.

La Siesta Villa

This contemporary villa is situated in Hacienda White as close to the Mediterranean’s serenity as possible. It features Marble and exotic woods with a minimalist design and finishing.  Moreover, you can see its contemporary elegance in its floor-to-ceiling glass surfaces, double height firework, and interior garden. Consequently, every detail in this 7,000 square foot home manifests a luxurious spirit.

Natural lighting showers the villa daily, as its open floor plan invites the sun into each room. In Addition, a living room centers this home, which overlooks the out-door’s garden pool space. Correspondingly, features like the skylight and double space creates a feeling of warmth and serenity for its residents

Bikia Eatery

This magnificent restaurant features a ‘downtown’ inspired design. Its interior merges between local elements with trendy industrial features. Additionally, its best features is the Memorabilia wall display, which embodies vintage decorations that adds to the restaurant’s cozy vibe.

Bikia Eatery features various seating options from mezzanine area and large roof terrace, to outdoor seating in the main courtyard. This diverse distribution of space gives it its unique spacious vibe.

Mazeej White Hotel

The hotel is located on the premises of Hacienda White, fusing its nature inspired design with the shoreline. Moreover, The hotel has an abstract artistic vibe, featuring a unique design that perfectly blends the soft yet balancing feel of rebirth.

The design embraces the views of the lagoon from its various accommodation choices. It features Superior beach Cabanas, with intricate interiors and minimal luxurious details.

Hurghada Airport – Terminal 2

With a construction budget of $335 million, the newest terminal of the airport has the capacity to host up to 13 million visitors annually. It is the second busiest airport in Egypt.

This 92,000 square meters terminal was designed by ADPI and executed by Dar Al Handasa. Furthermore, The building is composed of 3 levels, with 72 check-in counters and 20 departure gates.

Villa Baboushka

This artistic place is a trendy new fashion boutique villa in Zamalek. It features a wide spectrum of clothing styles, which screamingly appears in its colorful, abstract, and booming interior.

Its massive fuchsia door attracts shopping lovers to quickly hop inside. At first, you will encounter a dramatically long opaque white chandelier, which will give you a ‘wow’ feeling from the first step in the villa.

Nour El Refai’s Documentaries

Nour El Refai’s amazing eye doesn’t just capture stills of interiors and buildings. He is a travel enthusiast who likes to document and capture diverse cultures, and show case them with his unique photography skills. Of course, there is no doubt his architectural mind has a huge influence on the way he perceive, composes, and captures his scenes.

Photo from Refai's documentary project "The Nubians"

Parkour Lifestyle

In this photos set, Refai captures an Egyptian Parkour team with a perfect blend with the urban environment. Moreover, the photos feature a dynamic composition of athletes merging with static building forms and lines. Of course, Nour’s unique skills can make the stillness of his photos tell a story of motion.

Colors of the Nile

This amazing photo set showcases the diverse settings and situations around the river Nile. It is amazing how just the Nile combines all of the Egyptians around it, giving life to all of its inhabitants. In addition, the color of  each photo tells 1000s of stories on their own

Elba: the forgotten land

Nour El Refai is one of the few Egyptian travellers who got a permission to access Gebel (Mount) Elba. Consequently, this distant treasure is yet to be explored and exposed by many Egyptians. This forgotten land situated on a conflicting land between the Sudanese and Egyptian borders near the red sea.

This photo set sheds the light on amazing sceneries combined with an isolated ethnic group who have their traditions and lifestyle away from the crowdedness of contemporary settlements

The Nubians

Last, but definitely not least, this amazing photo set shows a deeper perspective into the lives of the Nubians. Nour captures these photos in various islands and Nubian settlements around the Nile banks of Aswan and neighboring villages.

Refai showcases the beautiful architecture of Nubian homes, featuring their beautiful traditional colors and ornaments. Additionally, local portraits and daily life photos tell a lot of stories just with one glimpse.

If you are interested like Refai about Egyptian culture, check out our article about Siwa Oasis, where we dive deep into its culture and traditions.

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