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1st Delta-Symposium Event

1st Delta-Symposium Event

1st Delta Symposium event will take place in the Presidency Hall in Mansoura University in Egypt on November 3rd and 4th, 2019. This event is a part of two events organized by ESU-Lab, the first one taking place at the GUC called “First German Architecture Day“.

Certainly, Delta-Symposium aims to gather all academics who have different methods towards the commitment researches of the built environment in the Nile Delta region especially those who have a passion for discovery. Besides, several talk from german professionals in the field of urban planning, building technoligies and more fields will take place. In addition to workshops that will take place on the 4th of Novemeber.

Here is the detailed schedule for the 2 days events.

1st Delta-Symposium Event
DAY 01, Sunday 03.11.2019

Building Technology & Delta Technical-Urban

Place: Rashad elBadrawy, Conference Hall Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University

10:00- 10:30

Opening Word
President of Mansoura University
Dean, Faculty of Engineering

Mo'omen elSoudani
Mina Samaan

Dr. Moamen elSoudani
Dr. Mina Samaan
Project Coordinator & Project Co-PI Egypt
Topic: Why 1st Delta Symposium

PhD degree TU-Berlin & TU-Braunschweig, Germany. They are the main investigator and coordinator of two ongoing Egyptian-German academic cooperation projects for developing Centers of Excellence COE in the Egyptian Universities of the Nile-Delta.

10:30- 11:00

Presentation, Prof. Claus Steffan, TU-Berlin,
Renewable Energies & Architecture

Head of the Department of Building Technology and Design at the TU Berlin. Forming the interface in both teaching and research between the various engineering disciplines and architecture.

11:00- 11:45

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Schäfer, Dean, Urban development, TUB El Gouna
Topic: Urban-Lab Campus El Gouna

He has more than 150 publications in the fields of planning and building law and administration, urban renewal and urban development. Project Director of Megacities Project and co-founded and leaded WANACU and MENASHDA networks.

Dr.-Ing Hassan elMouelhi
Habitat Unit, TU-Berlin
Topic: Informality & New Cities

A senior researcher at the Habitat. His research focuses on culture and informal urban settlements, residents’ socio-cultural aspects, patterns of use in urban space, power relations within communities in an informal urban development context.

Coffee Break

12:00- 12:20

Dr.-Ing. Martin Buchholz
Building Technology & Architecture Design
Topic: Building-Connected Greenhouse

CEO of Watergy GmbH, Berlin. PhD on building-greenhouse modules. He has been granted a number of patents in this field. Moreover Buchholz coordinates EU & national research projects.

12:20- 12:40

Dr.-Ing. Yaser Hantouch
Building Technology & Architecture Design
Topic: Simulation in Architecture

He is currently working on the project “Energy Efficient University Campus Berlin-Charlottenburg EnEff: HCBC” for the 2050 energy transition goals. In particular, his research focuses on solar systems for buildings.


Eng. Kareem Hassan
BENAA Foundation
Topic: Earth Construction & Participation

An international innovation expert and sustainability entrepreneur. He is currently the managing director of “BENAA Foundation” which aims at building the capacities of the youth in order to buildup sustainable WASH projects in Egypt.

Hassan Ismail

Eng. Hassan Ismail
DUCO Empowering Urban Appealt

DUCO is a creative agency, production house and future platform dedicated to urban art and outdoor hand-painted wallscapes powered by a commercial approach and towards an urban aesthetical development.

DAY 02, Sunday 04.11.2019

Understanding the German-Egyptian Cities by Machine Intelligence

10:00- 10:30

Openning Word
Vice-President of Mansoura University
Dean, Faculty of Engineering

Mo'omen elSoudani

Dr. Moamen elSoudani
Dr. Maged Zagow
Project Coordinator & Project Co-PI Egypt
Topic: Why Understanding Cities

Entrepreneur, Egyptian-US Licensed Architect, Urban Planner, NCARB & LEED AP certified. In addition, he is intrigued by the mapping initiatives that have emerged to document a city in flux, Implements several techniques of Artificial Intelligence, GIS, statistical analysis, and infographics.

Holger Prang
10:30 – 11:00

Holger Prang
CityScience Lab – HCU
Topic: CityScience Lab presentation

Part of CityScope team involved in data-driven negotiation themes and knowledge management to support participation and collaboration throughout disciplines. His PhD studies focus on semantic data analytics and knowledge mapping in spatial and social phenomena.

11:00 – 11:30

Lisa Reudenbach, CityScience Lab-HCU
Topic: Informality workshop

Studied Spatial Planning at TUD & UNESP in São Paulo. Research focus on informal development processes in cities in Tanzania, Bangladesh and Brazil. Besides, she worked at UN in Brussels, on innovation fund for promoting inclusive cities and urban poverty reduction around the world.

Hamad Hassan
11:30 – 12:00

Hamad Hassan, Arab Academy for Science
Topic: City Information Modelling workshop

His research on the field of Virtual Reality (VR) application in architecture, Technological applications in urban design and city planning. Furthermore, he holds a PhD degree in the field of “City Information Modeling (CIM)” in October 2017.

Coffee Break

12:15 – 12:40

Rosa Thoneick, CityScience Lab – HCU
Topic: Participation workshop

Rosa has acquired experience in diverse urban research projects in China, Portugal, France, Belgium and Germany. Works in CityScienceLab on developing Digital Participation Systems and ICT solutions for the support of arrival processes.

Jonas Luft
12:40 – 13:00

Jonas Luft, CityScience Lab – HCU
Topic: Maps Workshop

Jonas studied “computer science – digital media and games” , University of Applied Sciences Trier, computer science at the Technical University Berlin. He is a research associate at the CityScienceLab & investigates computational approaches to societal problems.

Taha Hatcha
13:00 – 13:20

Mete Boncukcu & Taha Hatcha, HCU
Topic: Mobility workshop

Ph.D. Researcher on Mobility as a Service, assessing and analyzing the mobility patterns to develop models for more connected and optimal public transport networks. Through using GIS, 3D Modeling and Agent-based model simulation.

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    30 October

    I would like to attend the activities of the symposium, since I am an assistant professor in kafrelsheikh university