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Everything You Need To Know About Scandinavian Int...

Everything You Need To Know About Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian Design

Everybody wants their place to be comfy and homey, right? Well, Scandinavian design will definitely help you achieve this dream. This is for those who love simplicity in decoration. For those and feel calm and relaxed with the harmonious subtle mood. And for those who love everything white and light. This is for celebrating a stunning style, the Scandinavian style. In this article, we will break down the features of Scandinavian interior design so that you can find cool ways to work it into your home. But first, we will answer some frequently asked questions about the Scandinavian style. So, get ready to know all about Scandinavian interior design.

All Your Questioned Answered

What is Scandinavian home design?

Its look is defined by clean lines, chic minimalism, functionality without sacrificing beauty. Scandinavian style favors bright, airy spaces and provides a wonderfully serene feel.

When and where did it originate?

Scandinavian design emerged during the 1930s within the five Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. However, it traveled through the United States and Canada between 1954 and 1957 to promote and showcase various works by Nordic interior designers.

How did it originate?

This style’s ethos is a direct result of the natural gifts and the climate of the region. During the long periods of winter, homemakers counter the cold nights by maximizing the space to reflect as much light as possible. So, Scandinavian style came when people were in search for light and cozy interiors.

Why is it so popular and widely spreading all around the world?

We live in a world of clutter and constant noise, there’s something so wholesome about the minimalist Scandinavian design ideas. In our daily lives, we are so busy and our minds are always working, so having a place that is comfy and allows us to relax and unwind is amazing for our well-being. In addition to that, this style offers a functional yet beautiful living atmosphere that is hard to find in other styles.

What is the concept of “Hygge” in the Scandinavian Design?

The word comes from a Norwegian word meaning “well being” and it’s a centuries old Scandinavian / Danish concept that is used to describe a moment or feeling that is cozy, special, or charming. This word is translated into a concept in the Scandinavian interior design. Therefore, this style is all about creating a specific mood of contentment and a certain atmosphere of coziness. So, all the design features need to be harmoniously used to apply that art of “Hygge” to create the feeling of friendliness and stress-relief in your home design.

Main Features Of Scandinavian Interior Design

1-Bright Light

This style celebrates brightness. Natural light itself is an important feature of this style. So, Scandinavian Design emphasizes the multiplicity of light sources and differentiation of luminous atmospheres. Scandinavian spaces incorporates large windows to let in an ample amount of natural light. So, if you live in a country that offers you constant light exposure, your design would perfectly work. If not, then layered artificial lighting can work as a perfect supplement. For instance, a cool pendant overhead, task lighting, table and floor lamps. These will give your Scandinavian interior that extra bit of warmth and visibility this style is proud of. Finally, remember that your light fixtures have to be practical, simple and neutral to perfectly match the cozy mood you’re creating. Therefore, it has to share the same clean lines as the rest of your interior.

Scandinavian Design

2-Muted Colors

Perfecting a Scandinavian color scheme requires embracing a decidedly muted and understated color palate. For example, Whites, grays, blacks, and browns are often interwoven creating a clean and calming look. This actually makes spaces seem spacious, simple and subtle. Some designers have also introduced other pop colors like dusty pinks and rich sea greens for added accents. It’s worth mentioning that the colorful Scandinavian style is fast becoming ‘The new Nordic’, with many lovers leaning towards a bolder palette while also keeping the same neutral palette remain at the core. Therefore, rich jewel tones and earthy hues like terracotta and rusty pink are replacing soft pastel hues to inject warmth and personality. In typical Scandinavian spaces, walls are kept white allowing for furniture and art to captivate. Check this website to download your favorite Scandinavian color palette.

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Scandinavian Design Color Schemes

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3-Soft Textures

Scandinavian style definitely involves soft textures and natural materials. As for the flooring, Scandinavian design will love wood, but not just any wood. In keeping with their warm and cozy theme, the woods used are usually light woods, like beech, ash, and pine. Other soft textures and textiles can be used all over your place. These can include: sheepskins, wool, or mohair throws. Not only do they make a feeling of coziness, but they also add another layer of visual interest to the place. One final tip to use while designing is layering textures to soften the look and add interest. To clarify, Whenever possible, add blankets, cushions and rugs in varying textures. So, in summer consider lighter materials such as linen. However, in winter try to introduce woolen knitted pieces to go for a warm mood.

Scandinavian Design

4-Vibrant Patterns

There are two types of patterns that this style goes along with, the traditional and the modern ones. Traditional designs are typically simple, botanical illustrations in a symmetrical style. However, modern Scandinavian patterns usually have bold colored layout and graphics that beautifully contrasts with light colored background. In addition to their type, patterns can also be implemented in many shapes and forms. You can apply these pattern suggestions in a vibrant wall painting, a dazzling home accessory or even as a lively topping to your furniture.

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5-Geometric Furniture

Scandinavian furniture style encompasses natural wooden surfaces, which have functional geometrical basic shapes. One very common feature is the compass legs; you will find it in chairs, tables as well as sideboards. Furniture fabrics often have fur optics, cotton, linen and bright suede. Colors are mostly wool-white or beige mixed with another pastel color like light blue, mint or rosé. Cushions and carpets often have typical motifs and patterns that contrasts with muted scene and offer a stimulating scene. Finally, since the Scandinavian home is meant to provide emotional comfort and enrich one’s life, so it’s not uncommon to mix old and new furniture items together to give your home the cozy feeling you yearn for.


6-Fresh Plants

You, as a Scandinavian interior design fan, should bring nature indoors as much as possible. Therefore, indoor plants will perfectly do the job. Plants will not only help you brighten up spaces and to breathe life into your room. However, they will help to purify the air and provide a stress-free atmosphere. Different indoor plants will survive in your apartment. For example: the fiddle leaf fig, and monstera deliciosa, snake plant and many others that you can find in this article: Our favorite indoor plants you can have at your place. 

Scandinavian Design

7-Scandinavian Home Decor Art

As mentioned, Scandinavian interior design is all about simplicity. Therefore, when it comes to decorating a Scandinavian art the concept is still applied. Black and white art is a staple of Scandinavian style and can exist as anything from modern prints to ink drawings. So, you can use black and white photographs and hang them in an organized way on your wall. Scandinavian art treats Lighting fixtures, small decor items like vases or kettles as pieces of art. Therefore you can subtly introduce this brassy metal into your design scheme.

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Scandinavian design mixed bag

To sum up, rooms designed in Scandinavian style offer a blend of coziness, liveliness and modernism. Therefore, this style masterfully combines beauty with practicality. So, pick out your favorite items and start mixing and matching to create that mood. Remember to use our tips and let us know how it worked out with you. Also, if you’re interested to know more the features of the industrial interior design as you did in the Scandinavian, check: Features of Industrial design style.

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