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A New Spark in Sportswear

Spark Sportswear Performance Launch Event Cairo Linesmag

Real entrepreneurs are those who have a vision, a goal, another perspective, they see the problem and strive to create a solution to make life better for others. Those are the ones who truly deserve recognition, the ones who create the spark.

Many women nowadays want to do sports and move freely, without spending too much time worrying about their clothing or appearance. They want flexible clothes covering their bodies and making them comfortable as well. If you are a hijabi woman or just prefer to dress modestly, you’ll surely relate to the many times you wished your clothes would make you feel cool instead of having to change them frequently cause of moisture trapped in the fabrics. You might have also suffered from the different heavy layers you got to wear during a work out and even having to wear a jacket on the hips if you want to move with comfort. 

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There are those who noticed this problem and felt the urge that something must be done. Tine Beez, the long-distance runner, and sportswear designer, along with Hans Bauer from Germany partnered with Nancy Salam, the textile developer & manufacturer, from Egypt and created “Spark”. 

It is the new sportswear brand concerned with designing suitable clothes for modestly dressed women in sports. No more suffering from over layering, heat and slipping fits, time is here for more practical clothing. “It is your turn”, that is the tagline of spark highlighting their main purpose of motivating everyone especially women to do sports with confidence. They believe that everyone deserves a chance to practice and achieve more without anything standing in their way, even if it was uncomfortable clothes. 

Tine Beez - SPARK Founder, Germany
long distance runner, sportswear designer
Tine Beez - SPARK Founder, Germany long distance runner, sportswear designer
Nancy Salam Founder Spark Egypt Textile Developer Linesmag
Nancy Salam - SPARK Founder, Egypt textile developer & manufacturer
Hans Bauer Founder Spark Owner NTT Germany Linesmag
Hans Bauer- SPARK Founder, Germany owner NTT, Germany

It is quite interesting that the process of developing the fabrics did not just follow previous standards or measures. Instead, testing sessions and focus groups were applied on a variety of athletes that provided the fits and features of the designs. Fabrics were made to be breathable, non-transparent and equipped with cooling technology providing comfort and ease. The aim is to design a brand from athletes to athletes, keeping the efficiency along with the trendy style.

Do not miss the launching event taking place on Thursday 18th of April in Virgin Mega Stores, Cairo Festival City Mall. The event starts at 7:30 pm, featuring the motivational speakers Deena Amr and Hossam Heikal, along with the fitness instructor and founder of “Heya” health Sally Salama. The panel also includes speeches from Nada El Ashmouny and May Abdel Aziz and much more surprises. Entrance is free for the public. Enjoy a night of interesting speeches, cool challenges and more knowledge about this innovative sportswear brand.


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