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A Promising Collaboration: Design to Go by Esorus ...

A Promising Collaboration: Design to Go by Esorus Initiative with Ahl Masr Foundation

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In an attempt to help everybody stay creative during COVID-19, Design to Go by Esorus stands. Although the initiative’s first-round aim was to help people modify their homes to increase productivity and decrease depression. However, the second round evolved and expanded to embrace even more people and use the power of design to support. To clarify, Design to Go by Esorus has teamed up with Ahl Masr to help in the renovation of homes damaged by fire accidents in Egypt. Learn more about this initiative and this collaboration throughout the article.

About Design to Go by Esorus Initiative

It’s an initiative that was born during the quarantine. To clarify, it works on connecting the interior designers’ community with those who need to redesign their spaces. This exceptional initiative allows designers to reach out to people, help them to modify their spaces, and acknowledge the power of design in transforming the spatial experience.

About Ahl Masr Foundation

Established in Cairo in 2013, Ahl Masr Foundation is a non-profit non-governmental organization. Their vision is to provide trauma and burn victims not only with therapy but with other integrated services. For instance, psychological, social needs that are required from the victims’ post-therapy. Therefore, their main goal is to reduce the impact and incidence of burns and traumas through research and building hospitals.

The Collaboration

To help more, Design to Go by Esorus collaborated with Ahl Masr Foundation and was powered by Tatweer Masr. To illustrate, the initiative’s normal procedures will go on, but another superb step will be added to the process. Firstly, the initiative’s clients will handle their requests. Then, they will choose a suitable package and later the designers will provide consultation.

It’s worth mentioning that the design consultation packages vary from virtual consultation to professional furnishing and complete makeover to suit every request. All the profit from whichever package chosen will go to Ahl Masr Foundation to support the burnt households in Egypt. So, in the spirit of giving a hand, the initiative collaborated with the Foundation. It’s an inspiring and exceptional collaboration that will definitely change the lives of many.

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