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All you need to know about the phenomenal Architec...

All you need to know about the phenomenal Architecture Summit

The Architecture Summit

What is the Architecture Summit? 

“Distinctive and captivating”

The Architecture Summit is a full intensive architectural learning orchestra. It offers a number of talks, panel discussions, specialized training sessions. In addition to, practical workshops and tutorials, discussion circles, networking area. Moreover, there will be also design competitions, exams simulation, personal mentor-ship. Further more, there will also be job interviews simulation, design exhibition, and more!

Therefore, it’s a distinctive and a captivating conference. Above all, it focuses on creating an outstanding learning and networking architectural experience.

What is the objective of the Summit?

“Connection and motivation”

The summit aims to create a platform which encourages connection and motivation. In addition to celebrating Egypt’s exceptional architecture. The summit will implement this through integrating academia, technology, and entrepreneurship. The Summit aspires to provide synergy and harmony in the architectural community in Egypt.

What are the Architecture Summit’s activities?

“Inspirational and fruitful”

The Summit will provide various inspirational and fruitful activities as:

-Talks: That is to say, listening to remarkable Egyptian and International Speakers. They will give out their experiences about different topics of Architecture.

-Panel Discussions: For instance, getting your questions answered. In other words, there will be a series of mind-opening topics. These discussions will be carried by amazing group of architectural experts.

-Meetups: Engage and discuss with peers of architects regarding issues related to architecture.

-Outdoor Workshops: Go home with practical and hands on skills. To clarify, outdoor Workshops are meant to give you a joyful and beneficial experience in various handicrafts disciplines.

-The LEED Experience: a 100% realistic and personalized LEED exam simulation followed by a one to one mentorship session for you personally by a LEED expert.

Who would speak at the Summit?

“Innovative and insightful”

Many innovative and insightful speakers will join the summit. There will be 185+ speakers some of which include: Professors as: Mohammed Alaa Mandour. Architects as: Waleed Arafa. Architectural Photographers as Nour Al Refai. Designers as: Shosha Kamal.

The Architecture Summit
The Architecture Summit. Photo Courtesy: The Architecture Summit Official Facebook Page

When and where would the Architecture Summit be held?

The Architecture Summit will be held in Egypt. To clarify, in the Greek Campus in Cairo on the 13th of March 2020.

 How to book your ticket to the Architecture Summit?

You can get your ticket here

Certainly, Linesmag team will be the first ones there! And we’re waiting to see you there too!

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