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Ayla Golf Clubhouse Blended smoothly with the Surr...

Ayla Golf Clubhouse Blended smoothly with the Surrounding

Ayla Golf Clubhouse Oppenhiem Linesmag

Oppenhiem Architecture designed Ayla Golf Clubhouse in Jordan in a dune-like form in-order to blend with the surrounded desert. The Ayla Golf Clubhouse is a part of the Ayla Oasis. That is a resort in the Coastal city of Aqaba that includes 18 hole course designed by Greg Norman.

The design Architecture form connects the Clubhouse with nature and shows the beauty of the desert landscape. It includes Retail spaces, Dining areas, Lounges, and Spa.

Clubhouse Architecture Exterior Design Oppenhiem Linesmag
Photo Courtesy: Rasem Kamal

Principle Chad Oppenhiem mentioned to Architectural Digest that ‘ The structure defines the volume and shape, everything becomes one’. The building seems to rise from the desert.

Golf Clubhouse architecture dunes
Photo Courtesy: Rory Gardiner

He also added that the project isn’t a highly polished project. However, Through Local workers and Craftsmen the architects could achieve creating a Soul and Character to the Clubhouse. That resulted in the end in a huge knowledge exchange program between the local workers and the team.

In particular, the architect used Shortcrete to build the Clubhouse; a type of Concrete that is sprayed through a hose onto a framework.

Ayla Golf Clubhouse Oppenhiem Linesmag
Photo Courtesy: Moh’d Musa

Also, large screens were constructed out of Corten Steel, which is a mix between traditional Mashrabiyas and window screen. These screens feature Jordanian Motifs that allows light and purifies the air.

Ayla Golf Clubhouse Oppenhiem Linesmag
Photo Courtesy: Moh’d Musa

As for the interior walls, they were pigmented by local artist using minerals from the nearby hills.

“We feel this building is constructed with the land, not on the land”.

“This brings the users of the golf club and academy closer to an experience that connects them deeply with nature. Heightening their surroundings of the landscape around.”- Chad Oppenheim.

Certainly, the Building Architectural form will always stay true to its context and inspiration. As a result, its forever showing the absolute beauty of the Desert.

Interior design Clubhouse
Photo Courtesy: Rory Gardiner

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