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Bastet organizes Exhibition for Art made of trash

Bastet organizes Exhibition for Art made of trash

Bastet Art Place Recreation Exhibition

Bastet art place is an art organization aiming to spread meaningful messages through art activities. Believing in the artists’ influence and their role to play towards our planet, Bastet decided to dedicate their first exhibition to an environmental cause.

They recently called artists to participate in a recycled artwork “Re-Creation” exhibition. Asking the participants to present their artwork that consists of at least 50% recycled materials. 25 artists were selected to present their work in several art exhibitions. Most of which are artists who already work with recycled materials.

Most importantly, the first Exhibition was part of the Arab Sustainable Development Week. Hosted by League of Arab states, Hilton Heliopolis, Cairo 3-6 November 2019. The next exhibition will take place in Degla Campus Maadi on the 22nd of November for one week.


Re-Creation Exhibition is a real inspiration for all artists and designers out there. The next exhibition will take place in Degla Campus Maadi on the 22nd of November for one week.

Remarkably, the founders of such an inspiring initiative; Aya Kamaly, Aya Ibrahim Abd El Gaid, Sara Shereb are all still studying at Fine Arts University, Zamalek.

“We believe in the value of art and its ability to positively influence our social problems. From here, we have decided that the first exhibition that we organize will bring together all members of society in an issue that concerns us all.” Bastet founders.

In fact, Bastet is not solely concerned with the visual part of the art, but also care about transferring a message through their exhibitions and art activities. Above all, during the upcoming exhibition, waste management topic including finding creative solutions to reduce the waste impact on the environment will be discussed.

Exhibition Participants

Ahmed Khairy, Esraa Samir, Andrew Farid, Iman Salim, Iman Salah El-Din, Enas Mohamed Ali, Rana Saber. Rawan Abbas, Reem Wael, Sarah Mohsen Ayad, Samar Hassan, Abeer Fathi, Fatima Hiba, Fayrouz El Sawy, Fadi Mohsen. Laila Sherif Mohamed Sayed, Mahmoud Talaat, Mostafa Hedaya, Mirna Magdy, Nancy Ahmed, Noha Tarek, and Hoda Hisham.

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