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Bathroom Interior Design: Functional can be impres...

Bathroom Interior Design: Functional can be impressive

Bathroom interior design Linesmag

Whilst bathrooms are quite essential to any home, we tend to leave them for last. They need to be functional all right, but why not enjoy their design too. In this article, we look at bathroom interior design through innovative techniques and little bold touches of color and texture.


Size does not matter as long as our design controls it and not the other way around. Many tricks can widen up a four meter squared bathroom. Other designs can cramp up twelve square meters of beautiful space.


Creating multiple spaces in one bathroom is always possible using partitions. Transparent glass partitions, reflects a sense of openness and defines your bathroom circulation. On the other hand Opaque ones provide a sense of privacy. Either ways, glass partitions are spacious and more elevated as opposed to curtains.

Bathroom glass partition Linesmag


Creating storage space in small bathrooms is always a challenge. When placed strategically, it can be quite favorable. Put a wooden rack above your door, and Insert your cabinets below the floating sink. Also, Keeping your shelves open or adding transparent closets feels bigger and comfortable.

Bathroom storage Linesmag


Illuminating our bathroom is more important than we usually anticipate. Good lighting does not only affect its size, but is key to the space functionality. It brightens up small spaces and make them feel roomy. Spot lights around the shower, led lights at the mirror, and fixtures by the sink are a well thought combination.

Bathroom lighting design Linesmag

The design should always take advantage of bathrooms overlooking a scenery or an elevation instead of a duct. Natural lighting is much better than artificial ones, environmentally and aesthetically. Opening up the shower zone into the greenery or the overhead spaces for a flow of sunlight guarantees fresh illumination.

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Black is a modern dimension of interior design. In bathrooms, the dark interior fits with smooth and natural textures. There are two ways to go with black in a bathroom. One is to add black sanitary equipment with white walls and monotonic floors. The other is applying black walls with wooden floorboards and bright white equipment.

Dark Bathroom interior design Linesmag

Light & airy

Relaxed tones in the bathroom feel very serene. Hues of sky blue, mint green and the lightest shades of pink are great for your bathroom. You can either go one surface at a time, meaning the walls or the floors. The other way is to go all in and enjoy your peaceful hues at every angle.

Relaxing bathroom interior design Linesmag
The Bu - Photo Courtesy: Romanek Design Studio


In innovative interiors, every space is vivid with personality, bright bold colors does that for any bathroom design. Going green and blue is modern and chic. Also, combining those bright colors with pastel hues for the floor or ceiling achieves the perfect balance.

Bright colored bathroom interior design Linesmag
The Bu - Photo Courtesy: Romanek Design Studio

Adding color does not have to raid the bathroom, sometimes a touch of accent is all that its interior needs. A colorful bulky cabinet in bright orange in the middle of smooth shades of white is sometimes all the design needs.

Bright piece in Bathroom interior design Linesmag


Big patterns

Not the first idea that comes to mind when designing a bathroom. Applying a big artistic pattern in black and white is daring, but it will definitely enrich the design. Sometimes those big patterns come with tiles manipulation. Graphic tiles from the floor to the ceiling on one highlighted wall is all the design needs to become playful.

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Northcote House – Nest Architects – Photo Courtesy: Tom Blachford

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Northcote House – Nest Architects – Photo Courtesy: Tom Blachford


Small patterns

Small-scaled tiles can also work in black and white or traditional prints. They can be used to define a space in the bathroom, the shower, the toilet or else. It can be colored mosaic patterns, inserted graphically from top to bottom. Mixing and matching multiple patterns is another design innovation that is definitely worth the effort.

Pattern mix in bathroom design Linesmag



Smooth and defined surfaces are associated with modern design. They are not only modern but they are also sophisticated. Aiming at modern bathroom interior design needs some stimulating hints to make it stand out.

Functionally, the bathroom needs textured flooring for safety. Otherwise, marble can cover all other surfaces, in creamy or dark shades. Marble natural pattern is endearing, it draws along the walls and extends to the counter tops like paint strokes.

Bathroom design smooth textures Linesmag


Designing a rustic bathroom takes on a mixture of textures, or one dominating one. Bare stone application to the bathroom wall highlights it naturally. Moreover, matching wooden countertops or floors with horizontal or vertical stone slates makes the design memorable.

Rustic bathroom design Linesmag

Wall paint comes in all types, using those in the bathroom interior can make up for tiles and stone. When the rustic design requires texture but the resources do not match, applying coarse paint creatively does the trick.

Statement pieces

Just like any other space in the house, the bathroom can go from average to amazing in a minute. A statement piece simply adds this extra touch to the space. They could be a twist on an essential design element, or an extra one altogether. An essential statement though, proves that functional can indeed be impressive.


One example of essential statement pieces is the bathtub. The bathtub is a relaxed version of the built in or shallow shower. Designers are creating fascinating collections for its different shapes and sizes. Placing those bathtubs on a pool of pebbles inside the uniform flooring portrays it within the space. In case the bathroom overlooks a beautiful outdoor, the tub goes right in front of it.

Statement bathroom pieces Linesmag

Sanitary Fixtures

Another example is the basic fixtures in every bathroom. Those need to be practical in all cases, but their design range hold great potential. Black bulky fixtures are bold and trending, and can come in all colors too, whatever contrasts the bathroom palette. On another note, copper sets for all the bathroom fixtures and tub adds a contrasting touch to a simple interior.

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Styling & Accessorizing


Greenery alone switches the interior mood upside down. Those natural plants in the bathroom are fresh addition to its interior. A pot of a Parlor Palm by the bathtub or shower makes the space feel higher. While some floating Bird’s Nest Fern hanging by the sink is what a bathroom needs to brighten up.


Bathroom plants Linesmag


Paintings can add a true sense of interest in any space, bathrooms included. Merging the interior design with pieces of art is dependent on the backgrounds and space type. Putting up a collection of paintings on a plain wall is enough to make the space stand out. Nevertheless, one landscape painting could do the trick too.

Bathroom art Linesmag
Photo Courtesy: Fagerhoi Hjemmet


Mirrors can be much more than functional, since they come in all different shapes and sizes. Tall elegant mirrors and landscape-oriented ones all have their tricks in re-shaping the space. Folding a mirror on two directions is a smart move to define a bathroom section. A wooden frame around the mirror or a modern graphical one is a painting in itself.

Mirrors in Bathroom accessorizing Linesmag

Lighting fixtures

How can lighting be fun in a bathroom interior? Fixtures manipulation all the way. In a rustic interior, big bulbs dangling around the sink are simple and interesting. With a more laid-back design, nest-like fixtures and defined colorful ones add a hip touch to the interior.

Modern lighting fixtures Linesmag
State street - General Assembly - Photo Courtesy: Joe Fletcher

Bare connections

Industrial design is all about exposure. Taking out the bathroom electrical and sanitary connections for everyone to see is all the interior needs to stand out. Those connections come in different colors and textures nowadays, since design passed the point of furniture and wall paint. Lighting lines in black tubes dropping with graphical bulbs from the ceiling is very characteristic. Sanitary lines with copper connections coming in and out of the bathroom equipment is quite a scene too.

Bathroom bare electrical connection Linesmag

Grand gestures of color and texture in bathroom interior always make an interesting design. So, whenever the big makeovers are not possible, the interior can still make a point with little touches and statements. In case you are inspired and want to renovate your kitchen, check out our article Kitchen design tips to create an awesome kitchen.

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Nada is an Architect & Urban Researcher. Based in Hurghada, and inspired by its sea & vivid mountains. She seeks local innovations along the Egyptian Red Sea coast, since our communities are the best designer for their own contexts.