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Bedroom Design Tips and Tricks

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Out of every space in a home, your bedroom is the most intimate of all.  It’s your safe space, your haven, it’s where your recharge and reflect on your day. So, since it’s always a great idea to spruce up your bedroom look and give it some extra charm, we will help you improve your bedroom experience and totally elevate it. From layout design, to furniture and decorations. In this article, we will delve into every possible aspect of bedroom design tips for you to enjoy and rest.

Bedroom Layout

The thought of space

One of the most crucial bedroom design tips is planning. Planning a bedroom layout does not come intuitively for everyone. As a spatial organization can be a tricky skill to master. However, with our tips and tricks, we will help you nail your bedroom design. Firstly, measure your room. You will need to know the square footage of your room, ceiling height, and location of windows and doors. This is actually the first step for perfect layout design as it will give you an idea of the wall space and how the furniture will fit in your bedroom zone.

In style

Then, after knowing the dimensions of your room, determine the style you want for your new bedroom furniture. Have you always dreamed of a stately, traditional sleigh bed? Would the simple, clean lines of modern furniture express your style perfectly? Check our analysis for the different design styles: Vintage, Contemporary or Scandinavian for instance, and see which one matches your preferences.

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Bedroom Design Style

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Bedroom Design Style


Bedroom Flooring and Lighting

Bedroom flooring

How do you choose flooring for a modern bedroom design? There’s a wide variety of bedroom flooring ideas and options. For instance, wall-to-wall carpeting, hardwood flooring, tiles and also concrete. The best choice depends on the look you want, the size and layout of your bedroom, the climate where you live, and your budget. To illustrate, the wood flooring has a depth and warmth that adds beauty to any style of decor. However, it’s a bit expensive. Yet, laminate flooring, which is a printed photo of wood or other materials, is less expensive and easy to install.

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More about bedroom flooring

In addition to that, there is the carpet flooring type. Carpets absorb sound, take less maintenance than wooden flooring, last for years and are so comfortable. It also makes your bedroom a warm, comforting oasis during colder seasons. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary without going over budget, then printed vinyl floor tiles are the ultimate option. To clarify, vinyl tiles add impactful color and pattern to your bedroom making it cooler and more fun. Finally, concrete flooring is a very durable type for any room in the house. Also, it’s a good choice for warm climates and more modern styles of decorating.

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Carpet  Flooring

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Wood Flooring


Bedroom lighting

Good lighting is a key element of design in every room in your home, especially the bedroom. So, we’re providing you with some ideas to create a functional and beautiful lighting plan for your own bedroom. Firstly, you should know that having only one, bright overhead light in your bedroom is the opposite of relaxing. Therefore, try adding different light sources in your bedroom to create a layered and relaxing vibe. To clarify, knowing how to layer your lighting is the key to creating the best lighting your bedroom. This means finding the right balance between ambient, task and accent lighting.

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A closer look on lighting

For instance, ambient lighting. It is the type that includes natural lighting via large windows or skylights, or artificial lighting; whatever provides a decent amount of lighting. On the other hand, task lighting is more focused. So, if you want to do activities like reading, working or putting makeup, you need to layer your bedroom with task lighting. Examples of task lighting are floor lamps, table lamps and wall sconces. At last, the accent lighting. This type is meant to draw attention and highlight features like an artwork in your bedroom or sometimes this type can actually be the lighting artwork and decorative element of the room.

Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom circulation

With the spaces and style being set, start envisioning the scales and positions of your furniture pieces. For that to happen, you have to plan a simple and easy circulation around the room.  Planning bedrooms starts with learning standard bed sizes, which one you prefer and which one will work in your plan. Remember that the ideal layout will allow for plenty of space for walking around all the furniture in your room.

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Bed and side tables

So, start with the position of your bed, organizing all other furniture around it. For instance, in case of large bedrooms, it’s best to set the bed in the center of the room. However, when planning the layout for small bedrooms, consider moving the bed into a corner. This way will help you save floor space for circulation and other furniture pieces as well. If there’s room for bedside tables to be placed on either side of the bed, then it’s worth including them in your bedroom design. But, in a small bedroom, a wall-hung option will keep more of the floor area clear.

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Bed with Two Side Tables

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Bed with One Side Table



Being done with positioning your bed and the side tables, now consider how much room you have for your wardrobe. Wardrobes can be freestanding or fitted. Freestanding designs can be moved and are elegant pieces of furniture. Yet, fitted designs have the advantage of being sized exactly to the room. Especially designed wardrobes can also be a perfect solution for uneven roof slopes as they can be made to directly fit in any space with any dimension.

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Independent Wardrobe Style. Photo Courtesy:

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Wall-Fitted Wardrobe Style.


Dressing tables

In addition to the wardrobe, you don’t want to miss planning your dressing table or your beauty spot. It’s where we spend a lot of time either styling our hair, putting on makeup, or getting ready for work. You’ll want as much natural light as possible for this area so consider placing your dressing table in front of a window to maximize the light for applying cosmetics. If this is not possible, then placing the table in the room across from a window and by using a mirror, this will reflect the light behind you on to your face.

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Dressing tables for small rooms

Finally, we want to add a tip for smaller bedroom owners. Your vanity unit can be slotted in right next to the bed, allowing it to multi-task as a bedside table as well. If you have a tight space, we also encourage you to mix up your own look. You can put together the table, chair and mirror combo so that they we work wonderfully to serve your space and style.

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T.V  location

If Instead of flopping out on the couch late into the evening, watching TV from the ultimate comfort of your own bed sounds good to you, then putting a TV in the bedroom could be a smart move. As simple as this may sound, we want to give you some hints and hacks to get the best of your bedroom T.V. Above all, we want to stress on the importance of the location of your TV. The angle of the TV is essential to comfort. Therefore, never place it on small furniture or in a corner of the room. Instead, put it on a tall dresser at the end of the bed or mount it to the ceiling with specialized hanging brackets.

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T.V types

We also want to mention a few types of T.V settings to add them to you bedroom design tips list. Some of these include: a wall mounted T.V, a custom cabinetry, a media cabinet or even a retractable T.V to name a few. Our last tip for this section is try creating a designated space for different activities in your bedroom. Maybe you have a desk by your bed where you attend to some late-night paperwork. A comfy armchair in the corner can provide a great reading nook.

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T.V Setting

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Reading Nook


Bedroom Decoration Tips


As we mentioned earlier that bedrooms should be a haven of good vibes, rest and relaxation. So, when it comes to decorations, it’s important to keep distractions to a minimum in this space. Firstly, keep it light and bright. So, neutral shades might be a very good choice if you’re trying to achieve a subtle relaxing mood. However, for those who want a vibrant room that is brimming with life, they can consider adding an artful scene with a wall paper mural. We noticed that we always think of painting our walls, but how about leaving them bare and painting ceilings instead? You can an ethnic charm to your room by painting your bedroom ceiling.

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In addition to the colors, there is another tool you can play with while decorating your room. This tool is texture. From eye catching window treatments to bed sheets and even rugs, layering with textures is a one trick to add interest to a room without overwhelming it. Soft textures have the ability to melt your stress away and make an embracing type of bedroom.

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Bed Covers

Styling your bed is as important as styling the whole room. So, you have the headboard, the pillows and the bed sheets to work together. In general, beds with solid, uniformly shaped headboards allow the most versatility when it comes to decorating with pillows. When picking out your pillow arrangement, the size of your headboard is important to consider. So, a lower headboard requires arrangements with a shorter profile. Likewise, taller headboards most likely will need euro shams or at the very least standard shams with a thick flange. In addition to that, you should know that large pillows are placed towards the back, diminishing in size until we reach the small ones in the front. Concerning bed sheets, you have to decide whether to get plains or prints. Plain ones would work well if you have printed pillows or throws or if your motif is more on color blocking.

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Speaking of rugs, we want to add a tiny yet efficient tip here. Your bed and rug should complement one another. Depending on the size of your room, the right arrangement can make your room feel more spacious. Putting an area rug slightly under your bed can add depth while leaving high-traffic areas of your floor open and continuous.

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Fabric choice is key when looking for bedroom curtain ideas. Light and airy options look lovely and can provide privacy, but are not effective if you like to sleep in complete darkness. So  blackout curtains might be a better choice. Heavier fabrics such as thick cottons, slubby linens and rich velvets, especially if lined with blackout fabric, will keep the light at bay as well as draughts.

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At last, we deeply encourage you to infuse more of you in your bedroom design and decoration. Perhaps paint an accent wall in your favorite color, frame a poem by your favorite author, or display some animal sculptures if you’re into furry friends. We hope you found our bedroom design tips article helpful. For more home design ideas, please check: Kitchen Design Tips and also Home Office Tips. For more bedroom designs check: bedroom ideas.

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    I wasn’t aware that there’s a lot of bedroom flooring ideas to choose from until you mentioned them. I’m quite leaning towards hardwood flooring, but I’m not sure if my husband would like them. It would be better to have his opinion first before deciding on anything, including his furniture preferences.