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Big or Small: Brilliant Balcony Design Tips For Al...

Big or Small: Brilliant Balcony Design Tips For All

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While some see balconies as a place that exists to hang a clothesline, chat with neighbors or store all junk. We see balconies as an outdoor extension of your home that actually has a lot of design potential. So, your balcony isn’t just an extra space at your home. However, it’s wonderful place that can easily become your favorite spot at home. By reading our article and following our design tips, your balcony, large or small, have a unique location or orientation; can become your fondness!

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Think it through

First of all, before even thinking about your balconies design features or items, you need to have a vision of this space. But why to do you need to have a clear vision? We’ll tell you. Having your own vision of your dream balcony will definitely help you in making decisions about the kinds of activities that are likely to take place. So, think about your interests, your hobbies or your aspirations in general and start putting those into action.

Get to work

After setting your goals, now it’s time to get to work and design your desired balcony. To start planning, you need to measure the dimensions of your balcony to use them in the best way possible. In addition to that, you might need to check with a qualified professional the structural loading capacity of your balcony so as not to implement stuff that are too heavy for your balcony to withstand.

Facile flow from inside out

This means to make your balcony feel like a natural extension of your living space. For example, can carry the color scheme that you have in your home into your outdoor space. Just make sure your whole space is harmonies and reflective through your choice of scales, colors and textures.

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Opt for appropriate furniture

This design tip is a game changer! Use space-saving furniture to maximize your square footage with built-in bench seating for instance. In addition to the built-in furniture idea, you can also try installing furniture that can be tucked or folded away when not in use. In the same vein, don’t forget to use your wall space as well. You can use hang pots of flowers or make your own DIY bookshelf and thus you will save more space.

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Bring greenery in

Above all the balcony that blooms beautifies not only its owner, but the entire neighborhood as well. So, start a plant collection or set up a mini garden and grow your own herbs that you cook with. Moreover, you can install planters along the balcony railing to sweeten your view, fresh your air and brighten your mood whenever you hang out there.

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Decorative lights for evening delights

Nothing beats having a magical dinner in your balcony under the moon at night! Love that feeling? Then, you should definitely consider lighting while you’re designing your balcony. Elevate your experience and shift your thoughts from using traditional outdoor lamps to cooler and prettier ideas.  From, magical string lights, to adorable lanterns or radiant glass jar lamps.

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Glam up your space

This could be done through adding a unique accessory to set the theme for your balcony design or something as basic as scattering outdoor pillows you found at a local shop. Amp up the look of your balcony with a patterned rug or runner that goes along with a graceful hanging chair for example. For those who love privacy, you can always install your alluring screens and enjoy the sense of solitude. Simple objects as DIY shelves, your picked art pieces and your favorite mug will definably glam up your balcony.

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