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Creativity in Crisis: All About Noha Essam’s Trend...

Creativity in Crisis: All About Noha Essam’s Trend Forecasting 2021-2022 Initiative.

The spread of the current pandemic, COVID-19, and the resulted quarantine is affecting all of us in many ways. However, being aware of the tough times and all its negative impacts and at the same time having a dream produced an exceptional initiative about design trend forecasting 2021-2022 . In this article you would learn more about “Stay Home.. Stay Tuned.. Stay Inspired in Quarantine” initiative. In addition to that you will get to know Noha Essam, the founder of the initiative. Finally, we will introduce you to the forecasting design world like never before.

About Noha Essam

Noha is an Assistant Professor of Interior Architecture, MSA University. Vis Lecturer of Interior Design, AASTMT. Interdisciplinary Designer & Trends Consultant, Environmental Psychologist. Above all, Noha received her Ph.D with honor from Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo and Masters degrees, M.Sc. Environmental psychology from St. Lawrence College, Canada and M.A. interior architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo, Egypt. Moreover, she had over thirteen years of experinece in interior architecture and design consultancy upon working in several firms in Egypt and Canada. In addition to that, Noha received award nomination for the best Ph.D. Interdisciplinary thesis among Middle East universities for the topic of “Phobia of Spaces” for the year 2018. Moreover, she focuses on linking the scientific research methodology of design with applied practices in order to add value to the creative industry and design education.

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About The Initiative

Led by creativity and fueled by passion, “Stay Home.. Stay Tuned.. Stay Inspired in Quarantine” initiative was established by Noha Essam through the course of “Forecasting Interior Design Trends”. To clarify, the initiative’s main aim was to help students stay inspired during this tough time. In addition to that, Noha wanted to create exposure to her students with the market through this initiative. So, with the blurred lines that her students had between being seniors and having a work life, Noha Essam bridged this gap through the initiative.


About Interior Design Trend Forecasting 2021-2022

Trend forecasting is about identifying consumers’ attitudes, needs and lifestyles. So, it blends design intuition with scientific research. In this initiative the design trend forecast is under the motto “Be Transformed”. Design trend forecasting 2021-2022 is a reflection of the spirit of the age in an innovative manner. To illustrate these trends, show the transformation that would occur as a response to COVID-19 pandemic.

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Magical Muses

The outcome of this initiative is a futuristic series of 10 books each holding a design trend forecast. The philosophies on which these books tackle are: natural quality and ways to fight grey monotony. Moreover, deep connection between nature and authenticity of the ethnic spirit, biodiversity and ecological values. In addition to these, some of trend books also focus on self-escapism, materialism and possession obsession, social progression and anti-labelling. Also, the forecasting trends included gravitational forces, different phenomena and construction innovations. So, each group of students present a selected topic through an innovative way in the trend forecasting books.

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Passionate Teams

It’s worth mentioning that this initiative wouldn’t have come to light if it wasn’t for the class of 2020 in MSA University. It was their purpose and passion that made them engage in this initiative throughout the course of “Forecasting Interior Design Trends”. To illustrate, these 66 passionate students who were divided into teams under the supervision of their inspiring Asst. Prof. Noha Essam and guided by their teaching assistants; TA Sara Hosam (B.Sc. Interior Design) and TA Hana El-Etr (B.Sc. Interior Design) all made determined teams that built this incomparable initiative.

Collaborative Designers

A lot of distinguished designers showed interest in supporting Noha’s Initiative and above all helping the students. For instance, Mohamed Badr, Ahmed Fayyad, Amr Orensa, Hossam Seif EL Nasr, Hisham El Essawy, Mohamed Radwan. In addition to,  Aziza El-Tanani, Mahmoud Al-kayyali, Karim Wally, Rasha Al Kady, Dalia Laz, Laila Badawi, Heba Dabbour. Also, Mohamed Hussein Hendawi, Noura El Fakharany, Ahmed Fareed, and Ahmed Hussein. All these incredible designers supported and guided the students with their continual feedback so as to create the optimum results. So, by offering their time, skill and expertise to the students, the class of 2020 were inspired and motivated to give their best and create trend forecasting 2021-2022 design books.

A sour time and an exceptional mind

To sum up, the “Stay Home.. Stay Tuned.. Stay Inspired in Quarantine” initiative not only inspired students and motivated them to keep on working in this tough time. However, it also bridged the gap between university life and work life. This brilliant initiative by Dr. Noha Essam connected the students with top designers and that has resulted in an outstanding outcome.

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To read more about the initiative check: The Facebook event . To read more about other amazing intiatives in the quarantine check: Design To Go with Omar Kishk, Ahmed Atef and Heba El-Kalyoubi.

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