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“Roadmap to the Renaissance” exhibition- A new roa...

“Roadmap to the Renaissance” exhibition- A new road in the contemporary art scene

Darb 1718 the cultural art hub

In the heart of Cairo, specifically in Al Fustat area lies “Darb 1718”, the original art hub and center. “Darb” means “road” in the Arabic language. Obviously, this hub has created a new road in the field of arts in Egypt.

Ever since 2008, Darb 1718 has made a significant change in the arts and culture scene in the capital. It is the place that connects different artists together from various backgrounds. In fact, it is the ultimate destination for art lovers. The hub’s message has been to inspire the many through different art shows and exhibitions. From music to movies and exceptional paintings, at Darb1718 you will surely find what touches your soul and mind.

This Summer, Darb1718 is to tap a new road in the world of contemporary arts. “Road to Renaissance”, that’s the name of the awaited group exhibition hosted in Darb1718. The exhibition includes different pieces of art from local and International artists all in one place. Egyptian artists as well as international ones from the United States, Switzerland, and South Korea will be showcasing their work.

Darb’s team and Henry Woo, an independent curator who has managed contemporary art projects in South Korea, China, and Egypt, have put a great effort organizing this event. They have invited 18 artists to express their feelings and impressions through their magnificent artistic ways.

Roadmap to the Renaissance exhibition by Darb1718

Why “Roadmap to the Renaissance”

As we all can notice, in the recent few years there has been a change in the art community. A leap of emotions has helped the emergence of new creative techniques.

Artists have become more eager to express their ideas and methodologies in the most original ways. Young generations especially are constantly looking for improvement and seeking a step forward. They are wondering about the next phase from which they can proceed and develop.

The aim of “Road to Renaissance” is to create a dialogue of new visions and feelings. Hoping to develop a map for upcoming evolutions.

Artwork exhibited in "Road-map to the Renaissance" exhibition

Artists expressing critical issues

Issues like under-employment, labor rights and brain drain have majorly influenced society. They are impressively tackled in the works of Ibrahim Ahmed , Hana Beblawey, Youmna El Sayed and senior artist Wael Darwish. On the other hand, Sue Huang and Sherine Anis have focused on the increasing wave of xenophobia and hate crimes around the globe.

In the light of advanced information technology and artificial intelligence, Mervat Allam and Mohamed El Mughraby are exploring the resulted probabilities. They are discussing how robotics might change the bodies and the emotional and psychology of the Egyptian people.

Darb 1718 Artwork-in-Roadmap-to-Renaissance-exhibition
Artwork exhibited in "Road-map to the Renaissance" exhibition

All of this and more guarantee you’ll spend unforgettable time. The exhibition has opened its doors on June 11 and will be on for 8 weeks up to August the 2nd.   Start planning your visit and get ready for an eye-opening experience.

Do not miss the artists talk panel that is to take place on Friday 14th of June, from 4 to 6 pm. The discussion will be a fresh medium for exchange and exposure to different ideologies. It is a great chance to hear more from the artists about their creative processes. Especially that the American University in Cairo professor, Shady Elnoshokaty, will be moderating the panel.

Here is a glimpse of the exhibition opening:

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