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Dark Interiors: Your Ultimate Guide to Drama and C...

Dark Interiors: Your Ultimate Guide to Drama and Charisma

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There is no dispute that dark interiors give an elegant and dramatic vibe that we all admire. With every Image you find of a dark interior you say to yourself: “I might try that someday!”, only to be stopped with the thought that you might not pull it off, or that you’re not bold enough to try something that “Different”. If you do have these thoughts then you have certainly come to the right place. Let us tell you all you need to know about Dark Interiors.

Moody Interiors

It is a very common misconception that dark interiors mean going all black, and that’s completely not true. Although the most common name for this color pallet is dark interiors we’d rather use its other name which represents it better, “Moody Interiors”.
Moody Interiors refer to any interior design that uses a dark-hued color pallet and not specifically black, it may use the dark shades of grays, greens, reds, blues, or any other color as a matter of fact.

Photo Courtesy: Yaroslav Melnyk

Fears of using Dark Interiors

The most common fears that stop people from using dark interiors can be summarized in these two points:

1-“It will make the space look smaller.”

If you’re already interested in interior design, then you have certainly read all over the place that light colors make the space feel bigger as a result of light reflection. Then automatically you think that using dark colors will make it appear smaller. Well, that’s not completely true. Actually, the use of dark colors especially in small spaces might make the space look bigger! Because dark colors help in blurring the lines that separate between walls and thus make that space appear bigger because you can’t surely identify where a wall begins or ends. This applies also to ceilings when colored with the same color as the walls, it will make the space look higher than it really is.

2-“It might not work with the style I want.”

This is also not true. The thing about dark interiors is that you can make it work with almost any interior design style. It is more of a color pallet than a style on its own. So even the brightest interior design styles –like Scandinavian or Parisian- can use a dark pallet while keeping all the other features as well. Of course, the vibe that the style gives will change by changing the pallet, but it might be just the change you need.

Why Use “Dark Interiors”?

Photo Courtesy: Yaroslav Melnyk

If we have already addressed the fears you had about incorporating some dark interior pallets in your spaces, then let us now tell you what Dark interiors can offer you.

-Drama and Elegance

There is no doubt that dark interiors are dramatic, give character to your space, and a mysterious vibe that you won’t get from lighter pallets. They are also very luxurious, elegant and make your space look classy without much effort. So if you’re aiming for this “Wow!” effect, then dark interiors are right for you.

Dark design linesmag
Photo Courtesy: blackindesign

-Intimate and Relaxing

We all know that light brings so much energy with it. But with the dark shades come intimacy and a relaxing feeling that will be hard to get otherwise. It helps you feel cozy and comfortable in your home which is something essential for all of us to have.

Photo Courtesy: Yaroslav Melnyk

-A Backdrop for Art

If you are someone who’s proud of his collections and want to show them off in your home, then you have to incorporate dark interiors. The thing is the dark colors help in making Art pieces more dramatic, and frames them. It makes sure that you’re seeing what you’re supposed to be looking at, creating the right focal points. And you don’t have to be an art collector to use this, maybe it’s a piece of furniture you like, a painting you drew, or even a gallery wall for your family photos. The sure thing is that whatever you’ll have will shine like a diamond.

Dark Design Linesmag
Photo Courtesy: Yaroslav Melnyk

-Hides imperfections

We all know that there is nothing perfect, and however good the execution of the design will be, there will always be mistakes. The good thing about dark interiors that these imperfections will just fade into the background as if they are not even there. Unlike light pallets that almost highlight anything that is not quite perfect.

Dark Design Linesmag

 Tips and Tricks

Now that we have discussed almost everything about dark interiors, let us now give you some tips and tricks for you to get the most out of it!

-Colors, Furniture, and Lighting

As we have discussed the dark pallets give you the chance to show off the other items in your space and make them pop up. So add colorful art pieces and accessories, and use brighter furniture to make the space look dynamic. Also, don’t forget to use dramatic warm lights to add to the charisma of the space. Wall lamps, floor and ceiling spots, and lamp posts are all welcome.

Dark design linesmag
Photo Courtesy: kim_dti

-Metallic textures

Reflective bronze, silver, golden metallic textures have a very special glamour when combined with dark background colors. Metals can be parts of the furniture you use, the accessories, or the lighting fixtures and they will give you the luxury you’re looking for.

Dark design linesmag

-Reflective surfaces

Mirrors of different sizes and shapes work perfectly well with the dark interiors. They add a lot to the sense of mystery and drama that is already present, so make sure to have one in your spaces.

Dark design linesmag
Design by: W Design Antalya / Turkey

-Wine Red and Emerald Green

These deep rich colors are a perfect match for dark interiors. They are classy and elegant, and maybe with a velvety texture will give you what you want.

Dark Design Linesmag
Photo Courtesy: Yaroslav Melnyk
Dark Design Linesmag

-Wallpapers and Patterns

Going dark isn’t only about solid colors; you can use patterns in your furniture, rugs, and carpets. You may also use dark artistic wallpapers such as floral patterns that are very artistic and extremely chic.

Dark Design Linesmag
Photo Courtesy: Murals Wallpaper


If you found that the mood is going way too serious and you want to lighten it up a bit, then greenery is your answer. Use different kinds of plants and put them in various places, they help in bringing nature into your space, and make it feel friendly and at ease.

Dark Design Linesmag

Take It Step By Step

If after all this you find yourself tempted to try a dark interior pallet but not quite sure if it will work for you, you might not go dark all at once. Choose only one room and see how it will go. Paint the walls a darker shade but leave the ceiling light. You may even darken only one wall and use it as a gallery to start and see how it will turn out. But the sure thing is that dark interiors have a lot to offer for us we just need to give it a shot.

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