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Design & Architecture Hanover City Picks

Design & Architecture Hanover City Picks

Hannover City Architecture & design Guide

Traveling for design, art and architecture lovers is pretty interesting since they want to see a bit more of the city they are visiting more than anyone else. Above all, exploring design, art, and architecture in Hanover City is not to be missed.

Hanover City is the capital and largest city of the German state of Lower Saxony. The total area of the city is 204.1 km2 and subdivided into 13 districts. Certainly, it is the third-largest city of Northern German following Hamburg and Bremen. 

Art, Design, and Architecture Hannover City Guide


The Grotto by Nick de Saint Phalle in Herrenhausen’s Garden

First of all, this place and its marvelous art are so underrated in pop culture. Once entering this place, you just feel its magic and how beautiful this piece of art is. The famous French American Artist combined modern art with Baroque. As she transformed the 330 years old Grotto into a unique modern space filled with magic.

One of the grotto rooms has a middle column, that she installed on the orange, yellow and gold spiral mosaic and named it ‘Spirituality’. The artist diffused the colors with river pebbles that appeared on the walls and the ceiling. 

Grotto_by_Nina_De_Saint_Phalle_Design and architecture Hannover Guide
Photo Courtesy: Doha Moustafa

While she named the right-hand room ‘The Night and The Cosmos’ as gratitude to painter Henri Matisse. On the other hand, she named the left-hand room ‘The Day and The Light’.

The Day and The Light Room - Grotto. Photo Courtesy: Doha Moustafa
The Day and The Light Room - Grotto. Photo Courtesy: Doha Moustafa
The Day and The Light Room - Grotto. Photo Courtesy: Doha Moustafa
The Night and the Cosmos Room - Grotto. Photo Courtesy: Doha Moustafa
The Night and the Cosmos Room - Grotto. Photo Courtesy: Doha Moustafa


Since 1974, the three Nanas sculptures became one of Hanover’s famous landmarks. The artist Nikki de Saint Phalle created the three colored abstracted sculptures. You will find the Sculptures on the’ Leibnizufer der Leine’ in Hanover.

Photo Courtesy: Doha Moustafa
Design & Architecture Hannover Guide_The_Nannas_by_Nina_de_Saint_Phalle_Hannover_Linesmag_7
Photo Courtesy: Doha Moustafa
Photo Courtesy: Doha Moustafa
Photo Courtesy: Doha Moustafa


Steintor Tram and Bus Stop:

Once arriving at this station, one sees a tram and bus stop that looks like a modern checkers castle. Therefore, the community considers it a piece of modern art in the center of Hanover. Above all, international architect Alessandro Mendini designed the station in 1994.

Design & Architecture Hannover GuideSteintor_tram_and_bus_Stop_Linesmag_1
Photo Courtesy: Doha Moustafa


New Town Hall

Built during the 20th century, although its architectural style suggests that it is not that new. Under the building dome, there are four scale models that show the city of Hanover at its different stages in history. These models as well as guided tours give the opportunity for visitors to understand city history. The new town hall has a pretty unique curved dome lift. it carries the visitors to a 100 meters high platform to see the whole surroundings.

The New Town Hall in Hannover, Germany
The New Town Hall

Telemax Tower

A telecommunication tower designed by Hans U. Boeckler. The project was built from 1988 to 1992.

Everyone can spot the tower from all over the city. It acts as a landmark and is located in the Buchholz-Kleefled district. Moreover the tower is 272 meters high and was found on a base-building of 10 meters high.

Telemax Tower. Photo Courtesy: Doha Moustafa

Hans was awarded the Cement Steel Prize ‘Die Kunst des Bewehrens’ for the truss structure of the tower in 1997.

Norddeutsche Landesbank

In 2002, Gunter Behnisch and son Stefan built Landesbank building. The designers created an inner courtyard in the heart of the complex to protect the complex from noisy outside traffic. The inner courtyard serves leisure and retails activities with exotic landscaping and arts. It also provides clean air and natural ventilation.

Norddeutsche Landesbank. Photo Courtesy: Doha Moustafa
Design & Architecture Hannover GuideNorddeutsche_Landesbank_Hannover_Linesmag_2
Norddeutsche Landesbank. Photo Courtesy: Doha Moustafa

The building is ventilated naturally, windows maintain natural air. The architect used a double façade to protect the building from noise and pollution. 

Therefore, these architectural details resulted in a unique building that is different from the surrounded skyline.

Hanover will always be an attractive destination in Germany as it has a rich history and culture. in addition to its unique art and architecture. 

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