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Design To Go | Mohamed Badr & Rasha Al-Kady

Design To Go | Mohamed Badr & Rasha Al-Kady

Mohammed Badr & Rasha Al-Kady la Reina interior design design to go

Two Outstanding Designers

Mohammed Badr and Rasha Al-kady are two passionate designers. Mohamed Badr is the founder of MB Designs while Rasha Al-Kady is the founder of Studio Kad. Believing in the power of creativity and having the value of sharing and giving, they collaborated with “Design To Go” by Esorus. Consequently, “Design To Go” by Esorus connected Mohamed Badr and Rasha Al-Kady together to create a graceful design. In this article, we will see how these outstanding designers engineered beauty, glam and simplicity in one place.

About Mohamed Badr

When being passionate about design and having a high sense of social responsibility meet, you find Mohamed Badr. This sincere designer spreads positivity and harmony through his designs. Driven by the depth and searching for details, Mohamed Badr always works. To have a glimpse of his unique designs, check out the rest of the article.

About Rasha Al-Kady

A humanitarian architect who thrives to give back to the community and is led by challenges is how we would describe Rasha El-Kady. Viewing architecture as a spiritual and a sensational creation, she designs experiences rather than deadly constructions. Rasha El-kady believes that beauty is for everyone, and in this article, we’ll practically see that.

One Undesirable Situation

The undesirable situation took place when La Reina, an online platform for rental fashion items company opened their store. Firstly, La Reina was an online platform where ladies can shop through a click. However, they decided to take their on-line experience to the next level which would be an in-store experience. La Reina’s website is an expression of elegance and beauty in addition to professionalism and impressiveness. On the other hand, their store was subdued and upsetting and didn’t send the happy message that the website conveys. Therefore, they consulted “Design To Go” by Esorus and surely they were given what they needed, a whole new different experience.

Infinite Impressive Ideas

The two designers were able to spot the problem which was “the gap” as described by them. To clarify, this gap was between two experiences, the impressive on-line experience and the uninteresting in-store one. Through “Design To Go” by Esorus, Mohamed Badr and Rasha Al-Kady were able to design beauty. Firstly, the designers began to think to re-create the splendid mood of La Reina’s website in their store. So, they worked to design an appealing place, same as the website in addition to being lively and dynamic as the in-store environment requires. Starting with the entrance, Mohamed Badr and Rasha Al-Kady decided to design a positive vibe doorstep that is exciting, welcoming and reflecting the brand. So, with the smell of fresh plants and the cozy entrance, the customer enters to find an interior of grace.

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Proposed decoration elements. Photo 1: Kaviar Gauche Berlin, taken by: unknown. Photo 2 courtesy:


Continuing with the positive atmosphere that the designers created in the entrance, the visitors will feel the same glam in the interior as well through eye catching elements. For instance, the hanging flowers which add a romantic magical effect to place. In addition to the eye-catching elements, the designers were keen on proposing various display areas to make the dresses shine. So, they suggested a boutique style display and side hanged dresses display with seating areas and a coffee table style. One of the problems of the old store design was privacy. The store had windows all over that made the experience a bit inconvenient for the customer who tries on gowns. Therefore, to solve that problem, the designers suggested creating an interior of privacy where they put medium height partitions. These partitions allowed natural light to flood the space while also creating a sense of privacy to the customers.

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To indulge the customers in an event/wedding atmosphere, the designers decorated the place to make it feel as if they were in a real event. Consequently the designers used some delicate features as wall paintings and art installations. To illustrate, these features were used to provide the customers with a “full rehearsal” experience so that when they walk with their gowns and with the surrounding decorations, they practically see themselves in their event.

On their experience with “Design to Go”, Mohamed Badr Rasha Al-Kady and the client

Both designers were not only impressed but also happy to help and be part of this initiative. “It’s our duty as designers to stand-out and bond together in tough times,” said Mohamed Badr. In addition to that, Rasha Al-Kady added: “Design to go by Esorus isn’t just an initiative, we share the same dream of reaching out through design”. Both designers are true givers and a great example of synergy. “We will continue consulting and supporting architects and clients as much as we can”, they assured. When we asked the client, Ghada, who is one of the business partners of La Reina, she explained: “It’s a great initiative that offers full guidance, from the design phase to where to buy design products from, they just walked me through everything”.

You can watch the full live video below and If you want to know more about “Design To Go” by Esorus, check Mona Hussein and Karim El Assal collaboration with Design to Go.

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