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Design To Go | Raja Kabil and Nedal Badr

Design To Go | Raja Kabil and Nedal Badr

design to go Raja Kabil and Nedal Badr

Raja Kabil and Nedal Badr joined forces with Design to Go by Esorus, to offer interior design consultation for a bride to be who needed help in designing her reception space.

About Designers

Nedal Badr graduated as an architect in 2003. Since then he worked on different scales varying from product designs, interior design and architectural projects. The multi-disciplinary architect founded his studio “Nedal Zone” in 2008. His enthusiasm for understanding human needs and serving the community is reflected in his projects.

Raja Kabil is an enthusiastic designer who works with a new approach in contemporary interior design with an eclectic twist. Inspired by her client personality, she seeks to produce interactive spaces that are both functional and beautiful. In 2002 she founded Evolve designs, the studio’s portfolio includes mansions, villas, apartments, restaurants, hotels and schools.

Case Overview

Although having one design proposal is good. However, having two design proposals is just perfect! and this is the case in this home reception design. Each one of the designers provided the client, who is a bride to be, with a different design solution to her reception. On one hand, the client had a reception area in her house dimensioning 7*3.7 meters. This area should hold both a dining and a living area as well. On the other hand, she was clueless about how to design such space to flawlessly hold both functions. Being more qualified and having a great will to help, each designer suggested the optimum solution. So, let’s have a closer look on the design proposals.

Raja Kabil’s Design Proposal

Noticing that the door of the house directly opens to the reception, Raja brilliantly started designing the reception area. Firstly, she provided a private entrance by using a screening partition so as to create a vestibule and a transitional area between the outside and the inside. Then, she dived into the design process with a goal to make the best out of the given space. So, at the back of the partition, she suggested some modern and cool dining area ideas. To clarify, these ideas include a dining table with a sofa and minimal chairs to wisely use the space. Other ideas include installing mirrors in the dining corner to widen the space a bit and give a vast feeling. In addition to that, Raja mentioned that the partition can be also used as a beautiful addition to this area.

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Screen Partition. Photo Courtesy:

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Dining Room Idea. Photo Courtesy:


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Mirror Installation Example. Photo Courtesy:

Consequently, she moved to the living room ideas. Knowing the client’s favorite colors, Raja suggested a balanced decorative look of the living area. So, she advised her client to make a less floating and more compact design to suit this small area. In addition to that, Raja gave the client some tips as of putting the living sofa’s back to the wall and if she wanted to decorate a wall then, she should be aware of balancing the decorations out in order not to make the overwhelming atmosphere.

Nedal Badr Design Proposal

The reception’s tight area challenged and motivated Nedal to design. Nedal was aware of the emerging need of a “hygienic” place. where the users can take off their coats and shoes and then walk around “cleanly”. So, he started designing by reserving a space for a shoe case and a hanger that are close to the entrance of the house. Then, after observing the reception as a core area in the house, Nedal came up with his keywords of design. To illustrate, he planned this reception to be dynamic, functional and with a sense of intimacy. By believing in idea of re-gaining spaces, due the room’s small scale, he designed by the theory of center–periphery. In other words, his design approach was to provide as much void as he can so that this compacted area would feel spacious.

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Dining Area Idea. Photo Courtesy:

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Fold-able Chairs. Photo Courtesy:

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Shoe Case Unit. Photo Courtesy:


To apply this theory, Nedal suggested using a folded dining table, one that the users can unfold when they eat and can fold up when they’re done. Therefore, by using this idea, Nedal would have achieved dynamism and functionality. In addition to that, he intentionally suggested this folding concept so that the couple living there would help each other in this process so as to achieve the sense of intimacy. Nedal then moved to the living room design by suggesting to give it the biggest portion of the reception area.

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First Design Proposal by Nedal Badr

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Second Design Proposal by Nedal Badr


Moereover, Nedal offered another design scenario to the client. With the same “hygienic” corner and dining area settings, he just changed in the living room position. So, he shifted the living room space to the opposite corner. Subsequently, he did this in order to create a wide integrated shelving unit that would hold the TV and would have shelves all over to pass a playful mood to the area.

On their experience with Design To Go by Esorus, Raja Kabil and Nedal Badr

The designers’ goal was to enrich the client with creative ideas and consult her with their vast knowledge. So, Raja Kabil commented, “It’s absolutely splendid to reach out to people and help them with the talent or knowledge that you have”. Then, adding “I’m glad because this initiative created a collaborative platform rather than a competitive one to give a hand”. Furthermore, Nedal Badr explained, “This initiative integrated the community of designers together”. Then, he said, “I think it’s a brilliant idea to show how designers think and reveal how their mind works in the design process”.

Inspired by the designers’ work? Then, take a look on their full live video below. Also check Raja Kabil’s website: Evolve Interiors and check Nedal Badr’s website: Nedal Badr.We also encourage you to read more about this initiative on Desing to Go: Mona Hussein and Karim El-Assal. 

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