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Ditto Carpooling App “70 % of Car’s Capacity...

Ditto Carpooling App “70 % of Car’s Capacity is empty”

Ditto App Carpooling in Egypt

Ditto carpooling is an Egyptian community initiative started with the idea of reducing traffic density, car expenses, gasoline costs, and networking. Egypt has 9.4 million cars and 70% of the car’s capacity is empty. The idea of Ditto application is to make use of these available spaces in our cars. Carpooling; “sharing journeys, so that more than one person having the same destination travels in a car. Instead of using several cars as well as sharing the trip cost.”

Carpooling as an idea has been around for years but because of the culture in Egypt of not riding with strangers. Especially for girls, Egyptians don’t tend to use carpooling. However, this new App comes with a special feature that might make people change their minds. Which is, a “trust” feature. Giving the app access to your mobile contacts and Facebook friends allows it to inform you who is using the app from your community. Afterward, you need to specify the ones you trust to able to ride with them. Also, the app will show you the friends of your trusted friends. Which will make the number of possibilities higher and you will have to choose who would like to ride with.

“The cost of sharing a ride is much less than taking a normal taxi or an uber. Carpooling with ditto will make you pay almost the quarter. It is cheaper, safer and environmentally friendly cause the person driving is going to the same destination.” Salma Sherif Ditto carpooling app founder.

What are the most challenging aspects facing the initiative?​

Funding, since the marketing and the software itself, needs a lot of feedback and we are interested in focusing on the Egyptian market for now despite getting the attention of several investors from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other countries who are interested in applying the app.