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Don’t miss the World Green Building Week

Don’t miss the World Green Building Week

World Green Building Week

Every year the World Green Building Council organize a campaign that encourage Green Architecture. The world green building week campaign will start from 23-29 September 2019. This year’s main goal is to raise awareness of the resurrection of carbon from all the building stages and motivates to work on reducing carbon from building for a better, cleaner environment. In order to reach Net Zero by 2050.

The world Green Building Council (World GBC) will focus on decarbonizing the building stages as well as encourage the sustainable production, Design, Build, Use, Deconstruct and Reuse of buildings. The Following stages were explained by the World GBC;


Green materials and products that are sourced responsibly, release fewer emissions during production. In addition, they can improve health and wellbeing for building occupants.


Design with sustainability in mind to enhance resource efficiency and deliver long term energy savings. Which results in reducing harmful emissions and protect our environment.


The choices we make while constructing a building impacts the environment. For example; how we construct, where we source materials, from and how we transport them.


Green buildings help us use less energy and water and create minimal waste. Maintain our green buildings can ensure they are healthy and perform optimally, extending building life.


At the end of its useful life, carefully deconstruct your green building to ensure as many parts of it can build a life again. As a consequence reducing the need for new resources.


Maximize the refurbishment of existing buildings; reuse and recycle materials to close the loop and build a life again, saving precious resources.

Cristina Gamboa, CEO, World Green Building Council said: “This year’s focus for World Green Building Week on the full lifecycle of buildings is key to promote innovation and accelerate the abatement of emissions from buildings, which stand at 39% of total emissions worldwide. The construction industry will find in the campaign ways to address the carbon footprint of buildings and identify how to accelerate market transformation. Only by having an end to end understanding can our green building movement truly help contribute to the decarbonization of the built environment. We look forward to engaging with our Green Building Councils and their members in lively and exciting ways that can genuinely make a difference to awareness around this pressing issue beyond our own industry.”

For the last years, The World Green Building Week has succeeded to reach millions of people all over the world. Raising awareness of the importance of the Green Building and Sustainable Architecture, Construction and Building.

It’s time to achieve this theory. All the world should take immediate action in the construction industry to focus on living greener buildings, healthier and cleaner life.

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