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Elegance and Grace: Interview with the Visionary N...

Elegance and Grace: Interview with the Visionary Nour Ibrahim

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A designer of fashion, jewelry and basically anything you can imagine, Nour Ibrahim is who we were talking about. Holding a master’s degree in statistical analysis, He found his true passion in the design world and lived his authentic self through his designs. So, we interviewed Nour Ibrahim to know more about him and his creations.

MH: We noticed that you’re multi-talented and that you’re interested in various areas as interior, fashion and product design. When did all that start ?

NI: After I graduated, I worked in elite corporates of market research and I was good at it I should tell, but it was never my calling. So, in search for my passion, I tried working in the family business in the jewelry merchandise field. To do my job, I had to wear formal suits and look the best as what this profession requires. And it was in that stage of my life that I actually found my passion, and I started with a problem. To illustrate, the classy suits I had to wear yes were visually appealing yet far away from being comfortable due to their flawed proportions. So, at that moment I encountered my passion and profession in life which is to resolve the equation of classy and comfortable.

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Photo Courtesy: Nour Ibrahim

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Photo Courtesy: Nour Ibrahim


MH: Starting from your atelier, tell us more about its design and what was your vision of a perfect atelier that would showcase your designs?

NI: I wanted to create an elegant and luxurious place that people would experience a time lapse once they enter. I envisioned an atelier so inspiring to fight every uninspiring context around it. So, having that clear vision and also an ultimate love to the 18th century French interior, being the most resourceful epoch, I designed my atelier. I should say that it wouldn’t turn out to be magical without my sister’s great support and help.

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Photo Courtesy: Nour Ibrahim

MH: You’re self-learning designer. Can you elaborate how did you prove yourself in the design field with just self-learning?

NI: I have very strong visualization skills and that is something that organically happened. I learn from practical life experiences and always work on myself to reach perfection. So, with a boundless artistic input and a first class technicality I design.

MH: What challenges did you face in the fashion design field?

NI: One of the hardest challenges that I had to deal with is the Egyptian artisan’s lack of motivation. All the designs that I make are bespoken and precisely tailored by artisans. So, I work with them to create luxurious and unique pieces. I believe that you can’t produce true luxury without tasting it. Therefore, I try to create a splendid atmosphere of work and a superb treatment that is based on unfailing respect and continual care in every detail you can think of! I’m so much into human psychology and behavior and I fully understand if you want an outstanding product, then you need to inspire people to achieve it.

MH: Tell us more about what inspires you as a fashion designer

NI: The reference in my fashion designs is the historical costume or the royal family costumes in the 17th and 18th centuries to be more specific. I’ve loved these designs since I was a kid and I’ve always been interested in how the elite dress. Later, I paid attention and studied the scales, cuts, and proportions that made these costumes outstanding. Then, I used this methodology to create exceptional pieces.

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Photo Courtesy: Nour Ibrahim

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Photo Courtesy: Nour Ibrahim


MH: What is your definition of “classy clothes”. Also, what are the new standards and novel perspectives you’re trying to spread through your designs?

NI: If I defined classy clothes I would simply say it’s all about technicality and quality. Of course the visual attraction and appeal to a certain design is important, but this is not the only dominant feature in the design. I always invite people to take a look at the core of the design which is how it’s made. For instance, check the design’s proportions, textures, finishing, basically examine every single detail in the design before purchasing it. This is the new perspective I’m outspreading through Nour Ibrahim designs.

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Photo Courtesy: Nour Ibrahim

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Photo Courtesy: Nour Ibrahim


MH: You have a real talent in the field of product design and you’re specifically interested in jewelry design. Tell us more about this passion.

NI: I’ve always had a critical eye and a re-designing mindset. Everything I lay my eye on, I automatically visualize a better alternative. My mind holds matrices of designs that are accumulated from a very young age. However, my passion for jewelry design didn’t just flow in. I decided to compliment my fashion designs’ look through jewelry. So, through fine jewelry, I achieved my goal of a perfect flawless look. Shop his collection here.

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Photo Courtesy: Nour Ibrahim

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Photo Courtesy: Nour Ibrahim


MH: Nour Ibrahim, do you have a favorite design?

NI: This coat is my favorite one. I think it’s absolutely spectacular.

Nour Ibrahim_linesmag_12
Photo Courtesy: Nour Ibrahim

MH: What are your dreams as a designer?

NI: My dream is to create my own brand luxury line with the best quality anyone can find in Egypt! I’ve just launched Nour Du Caire brand with a goal to reach out to more people. So, through our high standard designs and with a more affordable way we’re expanding.

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  1. Salwa Hassan

    11 July

    An outstanding level and awsome performance due to perseverence and hard work .. chapeau. Keep this great effort on and on. All the best to you Nour Ibrahim, you deserve it.