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Go clean, recycling trash for cash


We’re living in a world where everything is moving fast and seems to get out of control. Every piece of news is telling us how the planet is moving slowly towards its destruction. However, there are those who think there’s still hope and that we can still do a lot to save our Earth. Those who see in recycling a future strategy towards the environmental issue. We’re proud to say that among these pioneers is “Go Clean”.

Go Clean is a recycling solutions company aiming to increase awareness towards the environment and clean up Egypt. What’s so interesting about Go clean is that it lets you get cash from your trash.

Go Clean recycling process
Go Clean recycling process

How this works?

All you got to do is to separate your garbage into three categories: plastics, paper and metals. Then you can contact 01066666555 through a phone call or a WhatsApp message with your location. Finally, a representative will be at your door whenever and wherever you are. According to the weight of your recyclables you will be charged either in cash or any other home product. Those products can be antiseptics, skin care products like body lotions, creams, as well as other consumer goods. You can even choose to give this money away for charity if you like.

Go Clean was founded by Mohamed Hamdy, an alumnus of American University in Cairo with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. Initially, it started with recycling for factories and companies. This year Go clean has expanded to include household. Clearly this initiative has a smart model that involves consumers in the recycling process. Moreover, it has won the European Union’s Most Promising Environmental Initiative Award at the Alex Go Green, hosted by the French Embassy in Egypt.

Go Clean spreading environmental awareness among students
Go Clean spreading environmental awareness among

Future of recycling in Egypt

Go clean has made recycling easy and not as time consuming. As a matter of fact, recycling, as a concept, has always been there as the ultimate solution for the issue of garbage that Egypt has suffered from. However, this concept was not as familiar to Egyptian citizens. Hopefully now, with such services as Go Clean, recycling becomes a common practice done by all Egyptians. Especially that Yasmine Fouad, the Egyptian minister of environment, has greatly supported the cause. Fouad has also expressed the government’s aim to recycle 80 percent of garbage within seven years.

Yasmine Fouad, Egyptian minister of environment, with Mohammed Hamdy, founder of Go Clean for recycling solutions
Yasmine Fouad, Egyptian minister of environment, with Mohammed Hamdy, founder of Go Clean

It’s great to see that Egypt is taking serious steps towards the issue of recycling. Citizens’ are now more environmentally aware and proactive than ever.

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