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Gorgeous Home Wallpaper Types and Styles to Revive...

Gorgeous Home Wallpaper Types and Styles to Revive your Life


There’s no denying the wow-factor of a great wallpaper. Home Wallpaper offers one of the easiest, most affordable, and quickest option to jazz up a room without adding unnecessary decor and clutter. So, whether your goal is to enliven an entryway, bedroom, or living room, wallpapers are always a good option. In this article, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite looks to help your walls get the coolest makeover ever. Moreover, we will brief you on the different materials, types, and styles of wallpapers.

Wallpaper Types


Vinyl Wallpapers are the most widely used papers on the market as they are generally easy to install and remove. These wallpaper are also famous for their high durability. In other words, the thicker the vinyl coating layer is, the more durable your wallpaper will be. In addition to that, they are fairly expensive and super easy to wash which makes it the perfect choice for kitchens or child’s rooms where it may get drawn on or get particularly dirty.

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This home wallpaper will be either fabric-based with the design printed over it or fabric-backed that has a vinyl layer with the design on it. However, you feel your chosen fabric from velvet, silk, linen or cotton-depending on the composition.  In addition to being one of highest quality wallpaper, fabric wallpapers are also very durable. Therefore, it can exist in high traffic areas in your home.

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This type is pretty much widespread and available in wide variety of colors and patterns or any decorative design.  In this type, the requested design is printed over a paper base. The wallpaper sheet may or may not have a top coating to seal the design. It’s also worth mentioning that this type is a bit cheaper than the other ones.

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Grass cloth is a woven, highly textured wallpaper made from purely natural components adhered to paper backing. They are a wonderful way to add texture to your walls without having to worry about using mud or other three-dimensional products on your wall. Generally, they are easy to apply, but require a strong adhesive to properly attach to the wall.

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It is one of the most expensive wallpaper types. However, it is hard to maintain and its installation generally requires a pro. This type of paper has a raised velvet pattern on it that is soft to the touch. So, rough scrubbing can really damage its surface. Its velvety texture creates a sense of luxury. Accordingly, it’s better to use these wallpapers in lower traffic room, like the master bedroom or guest room.

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Foil wallpaper is basically a thin sheet of metallic foil to a paper backing. To illustrate, a polished metal ground is used to create this shiny metallic wallpaper. Then, the design is printed on top of the metallic finish. These wallpapers give the interior space a shiny effect. Therefore, they are good choices for small rooms with little or no natural light.

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Wallpaper Styles

Coastal Style

This style includes light, airy color palettes with cool neutral shades paired with blues and greens. Coastal soft-finished home wallpaper creates a sweet illusion of being somewhere by the sea.

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Country Style

This style is unique for every country as it reflects the rural charm of each country through simple things. Country style wallpapers always add a simple, casual, cozy mood to the place seen in villages.

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Rustic Style

Rustic wallpapers design draws its inspiration from nature. Therefore, it usually comes in raw and often unfinished designs of wood, stone or brick.

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Vintage Style

Vintage wallpaper style is a great solution for treasure hunters and lovers of sensational connections. These wallpapers always come in medieval prints and unique fabrics to give an antique look to the place.

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Modern Glam Style

This wallpaper style will defiantly add a glamorous feel to your place. Neutral color palettes are the most common for modern glam wallpaper design with textured fabrics to create interest. Therefore, they create a perfect luxurious atmosphere.

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Bohemian Style

One of the most timeless and endlessly popular Wallpaper design styles out there. Within the Bohemian, there’s a laissez-faire attitude where anything goes as long as you love it.

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