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Granada City Architecture: the Splendor of Spain

Granada City Architecture: the Splendor of Spain

Granada city architecture Spain

A peek on location:

Granada is a beautiful city at the foot of the spectacular Sierra Nevada Mountains. It’s a famous province in the region of Andalusia, Spain. Granada city has a rich history, unique cultural taste and exquisite architecture.

A glimpse of history:

Granada city began life in the 5th century as an Iberian settlement then it was conquered by the Romans. After the Romans, Visigoths arrived followed by the Muslims. Muslims stayed there for centuries creating splendid epochs in Granada until the Christian re-conquest in 1492. After an era of economic crises and natural disasters, the 20th century pulled the Granada back. This has made Granada city become a Spanish focal point for arts and architecture. Today, Granada continues to celebrate its glorious and rich past.

Before we end its historic glimpse and go taste its culture, Granada has yet a shade to reveal. It’s for those who wonder the meaning of the name. Granada happens to be Spanish for “pomegranate”. However, other interpretations say that it has Moorish origins. The name “Gharnatah”  possibly meaning “hill of strangers”. Either way, one can’t deny the magic that instantly fills you when you say the name.

A taste of Culture:

 If you want to have a little taste of the culture of Granada, you can start by questioning the weather. Granada enjoys a lot of sunshine all year round. Therefore, people spend most of their time outside. As a result, this has led to making Granada a paradise for all kinds of cyclists. The city would be where bikers enjoy riding along the numerous paths in the city.

Another taste of culture would be actually the taste of food. “To go tapas hopping” is part of Granada’s culture. To clarify, a tapa is a small portion of food that is served for free. It is something you have to try when you’re there.

There are plenty of diverse cultural experiences. These experiences range from popular flamenco to the most modern trends in music. In addition to, painting and theatre.

Granada Spain

Grenada City Architecture

A splendour of Architecture: The alluring district of Albaicin

This is a charming district to explore. It’s a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site!

When you go there, you will walk through all its narrow streets that will put you in the mood of discovering. The district is composed of streets that were designed to be very narrow and small scale clustered houses. In addition to, numerous wells, some of which are still in there. So, being there creates an exceptional experience of a sense of enclosure and intimacy to whoever visits the district.

Granada Spain

A splendour of Architecture: The enchanting Cathedral of Granada

It’s one of the oldest and finest Renaissance churches found in Granada. You enter the cathedral through the main doorway to find Renaissance grandeur waiting for you in the inside from massive pillars, double aisles, jaw dropping sculptures and bronze statues. The cathedral actually began as a Gothic style architecture, passed through Plateresque style and ended in renaissance. It’s definitely one of the most inspiring places to be in!

Granada city architecture Spain

A splendour of Architecture: The heavenly Alhambra

To experience heaven on earth, all you have to do is simply gaze. Gaze and feel its calm amplitude, hypnotizing proportions, ornately calligraphy, and sweet-smelling gardens.

Alhambra, an abbreviation of the Arabic: Qal’at al-Hamra, or red fort, was built by the Nasrid Dynasty (1232-1492)—the last Muslims to rule in Spain.

Alhambra’s most celebrated structures originally consists of three royal palaces. These are the Comares Palace, the Palace of the Lions and the Partal Palace. A large fourth palace was later added by the Christian ruler, Carlos V.

Granada city architeture Spain

Alhambra: The Comares Palace

The palace was the official residence of the king and it comprises several rooms surrounding the court of the myrtles.

Its architecture, like that of all the other parts of the palace, is characterized by elegance rather than grandeur. When you go there, delicacy and gracefulness will accompany you throughout your journey.

Granada city architecture Spain
Granada Spain

Alhambra: Palace of the Lions

The Palace of the Lions stands right next to the Comares Palace. The two structures were connected after Granada fell to the Christians.

The palace’s most celebrated feature is the fountain. There is a poem written by Ibn Zamrak adorns the edge of the fountain which praises the beauty of it. The fountain has twelve lions, each of which is slightly unique. They are made out of white marble and underneath the base of the fountain are four water channels. These channels are said to represent the four rivers of paradise.

All of the twelve lions sprout water from their mouths which creates a soothing sound … a heavenly one.

Granada Spain
Granada Spain

Alhambra: The Partal Palace

The Partal Palace is also known as Portico Palace. It got its name because of the portico formed by a five-arched arcade overlooking the large pool. It is one of the oldest palace structures in the Alhambra complex. This palace, is the place in which you sit in composure, stillness and peace.

Granada Spain

Alhambra: Generalife

The palace has one of the most spectacular gardens in the whole complex. Here, heaven is represented as a long patio ornamented with two rows of water fountains. This palace is a unique one as there is no kind of excessive decorative patterns. Generalife represents the peaceful atmosphere. A mood kings were looking for when they visit these gardens to rest.

When you visit this palace, you will lose track of time. You will practically feel the verse “But give glad tidings to those who believe and work righteousness, that their portion is Gardens, beneath which rivers flow” (Al-Baqara – 2:25)

Granada Spain

Granada the splendor:

To conclude, we might say that beauty comes in all shapes and forms. However, to come in a heavenly would definitely make the experience worth trying. To plan a guided tour in Alhambra, you can check this website. 

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