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How to add a vintage decor touch to your home

How to add a vintage decor touch to your home


Vintage decor style portrays a wide range of styles coming from decades ago. Furniture and home accessories used to aspire vintage decor style might be crafted many years ago or newly created.

Indeed, adding old items to create a warm feeling and diversify your place is very tasteful and enjoyable. This article illustrates how to add touches to your design and mixing the vintage decor items with modern interior style.

Here are some tips to add Vintage touch to your home

Neutral Colors

In many interior styles, the Neutral colors stand out and are considered one of the main characteristics not only in the Vintage style but also in modern interior design and furniture and industrial interior style. Mixing neutral calm colors ‘on the walls or even your room furniture and Fabrics’ with your chosen vintage items always give the warm, soft and calming feeling to your sight and spirit.

Adding a Vintage piece with these neutral colors will emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of the piece. In a very obvious and sentimental way possible.


Random Setting

When placing any vintage added piece, try to display it in an unorganized places mixed with your modern style decorations. You can add it randomly on the surface or on shelves in the rooms or even in the kitchen.


Reuse Old Objects

Vintage style is all about using old objects and placing them differently in new order with new function.
Some people can use old books, letters, old newspapers, antique glass jars, old bottles, laces, suitcases or even an old piece of fabric. To create a new role in your room and form a decorative set placed on different surfaces.


Mix Furniture

Some people have the courage to go for a bigger and observant vintage addition as they don’t only apply their love and admiration to the Vintage style by adding only accessories to their room.
But they do mix Vintage and Modern Furniture together. Designers have been designing rustic aged furniture pieces with vintage fabrics. One can mix these pieces with modern pieces in the same room. For instance, a rustic coach mixed with modern chairs or acessories. This successfully creates a diversity some people find it amusing and interesting for the eye.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash
Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

This the mixture can also be applied for kitchens too not only rooms as you can design your kitchen to have rustic units and tables while adding a modern sink.

Photo by Nafinia Putra on Unsplash
Photo by Nafinia Putra on Unsplash


Fabrics have a very important role to enhance the vintage style at your home. It is advised to use more than one fabric and try to choose some vintage patters with light, neutral colors as it is the best to show the vintage effect you want to add.

Photo by Kara Eads on Unsplash

It is all about designing your home as you always have dreamt and in Art Designing nothing is impossible it is all about following your taste, heart and architectural advice.

Mixing different styles has proven to be a successful way to decorate places. But of course, knowing how to create this diversity in an artistic, unique way. Also enjoying every second you spend in your home to add comfy decorative elements is equally important.

Architect graduated from Misr International University. Explorer, Passionate writer and designer, the main goal is to step out of the comfort zone and to learn everything about the world of Arts and Architecture.


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    19 June

    You may want to contact the company you purchased the furniture from to find out what their policies are about their delivery people accepting tips..

  2. Charli Smith

    11 August

    I think if you need to put in a chair rail if you are going to paint the bottom one color and the top a coordinating color. I would not do it in a ranch hallway because ranches usually have narrow hallways.