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How To Create The Perfect Retro Interior Design St...

How To Create The Perfect Retro Interior Design Style?

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Let’s take you back in time. The time where The Beatles were heard everywhere, where one of the best-selling books was “To Kill a Mocking Bird” and where the invention of the mini skirt by Mary Quant amazed people! Yes, it’s the sixties! The unusual style creation of Retro is said to be influenced by the post-war period in the 1960s. It was more of a new style of “hope” after a war as designers were ready to be daring and bold to create and innovate. Therefore, this style tends to be fun with a lively feel, loud, busy and most definitely “funky”. Did you get nostalgic already? So, Let’s have an insight into the retro interior design and the best ways to incorporate it in your own design.

Bright Colors

Above all, retro interior design is a wild design, so it requires a bold approach of colors.  Avocado green is one of the most popular retro color choices together with mustered yellow that adds a jazzy mood. Also, combinations of brown with black and white, blue with purple will also deliver the cheerful retro atmosphere. We encourage you to use prints and patterns that are bold and dynamic to add a flair to your retro interior design.

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Fluent lines

Retro rooms are always brimming with furniture, which may seem incompatible at the first glance. However, in reality all pieces are rather functional, comfortable and harmonious. To add a retro touch to your design, always choose furniture with clear lines that has an abstract feel to it.

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Layered textures

Symbolizing a free society, retro interiors are playful and fabulous, yet also warm and cozy. So, if you want to spread this spirit, you will need to layer you textures and mix them together. For instance, you can match metal feet furniture with a wooden topping. In addition to that, shag carpeting, smooth plastics, soft vinyl, and crushed velvet can always work to give you warmth and fabulousness that we we’re just mentioning. Finally, remember that everything is bold when you’re decorating in the retro style so don’t be afraid of textures.

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Vintage Accents

Accents of the retro interior design give a vintage atmosphere to your space. All you have to do is add some funky home accessories to your design and watch your room glow.  For instance, use geometric patterned wallpaper in order to have a cheerful atmosphere. Also, your interior could contain fuzzy throw rugs, lava lamps, Pendant lamps and table lamps that have a look. Hanging paintings and vintage sculptures are always a plus and will definitely add a retro mood to your room.

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So, retro design is all about bringing back nostaglic moods, read more about it on: What is retro style? We also recommend you check these articles for furthur knowledge about different styles: The “Bohemian Interior Design Rhapsody”: A Home That Tells Your Story

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