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Interzum 2019 Emphasis Digital Printing

Interzum 2019 Emphasis Digital Printing

Interzum 2019 Digital Print special area at Interzum 2019

The Interzum 2019 leading trade fair for furniture production and interior design took place from 21 to 24 May. Featuring several so-called “special areas” including “Digital printing” during Interzum 2019. Bringing together the latest innovations, ideas, and new products and presenting their applications to visitors. “The recent rapid development in the operational readiness and stability of digital printing has convinced us to give this topic more space at Interzum, because the desire to use this technology is growing among our visitors,” says Maik Fischer, Director of Interzum, confirming the emphasis placed on this theme.

Digital printing

The event highlights both the technology as well as the wide range of possible applications. Showcasing the usage of digitalization for designers. Also Potential usage of digital printing in the design process and how to integrate it into the furniture production and interior design. The entire process was introduced at the event from choosing the design, illustrating it on computer programs to the printing and finalizing phase.

“Digital printing gives furniture manufacturers, architects, and interior designers the ability to respond quickly and flexibly to customers’ needs,” says Dr. Anke Pankoke from Hymmen GmbH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau. Digital printing offers an individualistic outcome that provides the consumer with a unique and personalized design. While it’s a great tool for designers to open up and explore new ideas.

Applications vary from producing fabrics, carpets to edging solutions and furniture.

Hymmen “Digital Printing Everywhere”
Interzum 2019 Hymmen digital lacquer embossing (DLE) product sample Digital Print
Hymmen digital lacquer embossing (DLE) product sample. Photo Courtesy: Interzum
Hymmen digital printing Machine
Hymmen digital printing lines for digital structuring via Digital Lacquer Embossing. Photo Courtesy: Interzum
Mimaki digital printing
Mimaki’s digital print in furniture production
Mimaki’s digital print in furniture production. Photo Courtesy: Interzum
Interzum 2019 Mimaki Digital Print Chair
Photo Courtesy: Interzum
Mimaki Wallpaper digital Print
Photo Courtesy: Interzum


Producing unique edging solutions that offer a new spectrum of design opportunities. In addition to high print quality images that give depth and realistic material effects such as wood and stone.

Digital Printing Edging Solutions
Digital Printing Edging Solutions. Photo Courtesy: EGGER