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Is the Mamluk Cemetery being demolished?

Is the Mamluk Cemetery being demolished?

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Al Fardous Axis

The Egyptian government is planning a new axis called Al Fardous. They plan to connect Salah Salem road with El Moshir Axis. However, in order to create this new road, the authorities have to clear the way from exiting tombs. As a result, social media users became furious and frustrated. Some of which is claiming that those tombs are from the Mamluk period.

Is it the Mamluk Cemetry?

The answer is No. According to Architecture of the Dead book by Galila El Kadi and Alain Bonnamy, the Mamluk tombs are located south of the citadel. The area holds several historical monuments, of which the oldest dates back to the thirteenth century. Yet, the bulldozers are not demolishing this area.

“El Fardous axis is far away from the Islamic monuments in the Mamluk Cemetry. However, the ministry will form a technical committee to study the structures and the possibility of adding some elements to the Egyptian museums.”  announced the Ministry of Tourism.

Although the Mamluk Cemetry itself is not being demolished, this whole area is known ad the Mamluk desert. Including the Mamluk cemetery, the monarchy tombs, and all the area in between.

Monarchy period tombs

Despite that El Fardous axis is located far away from the Mamluk cemetery area as shown in the map. It is still crossing an important site. The competent authority planned that the road will cross a burial ground dating back to the monarchy period. In this particular zone, minsters, pashas, and other people from this period are buried. In addition to the generations that came afterward.

Al Fardous Axis. Monarchy and mamluk cemetry egypt
Photo Courtesy: Linesmag
Photo Courtesy: Michel Hanna


The tombs Islamic architecture feature arches, wooden work, and domes. Its beautiful architecture as well as the legal rights of the owners, suggests powerfully to conserve and renovate it rather than removing its buildings.

Monarchy tombs cairo saleh salem Islamic Architecture woodwork Linesmag
Photo Cortesy: Adham Nadim

In the preliminary phase of urban projects, several aspects are taken into consideration while planning. Including the social and cultural impact of the project. The planners weigh each aspect and accordingly make the decisions. So the question is: Is the new road more important than the social and cultural background of the mentioned site?

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