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Kitchen Design Tips to create an Awesome Kitchen

Kitchen Design Tips to create an Awesome Kitchen

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Our kitchen is a space we go through back and forth multiple times per day, making coffee or cooking a delicious meal. It could switch our moods every single time and might control our appetites as well. Since we are staying home now more than ever, check out the kitchen design tips for a fresh version of your Kitchen.

Kitchen Design Tips

The Triangle

Once upon a time, the Kitchen triangle was the designer go-to solution. Nowadays, Kitchen spaces come in all different shapes and sizes, and designers are arguing its necessity. However, the stove, sink & fridge triangle is still widely used. It creates a functional and smooth circulation between cleaning, storage and cooking.

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Besides circulation, haveing a great experience is not about the most spacious layout, it is about creating a smarter space. For instance, shelves can open up your kitchen and create a more casual feel to it.


Another way to widen up your space is switching to glass fronts for overhead compartments. It minimizes the solid spaces around the kitchen, allowing a more airy vibe to space.

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As more storage is always better storage, making the best use out of the kitchen’s corners is always key to utilizing its area. From local carpenters to commercial suppliers, flexible cabinets’ addition to space’s corners allows better accessibility and larger capacity.

Colors and Textures

Your layout is one thing, while your color and texture combination is a whole other story. Balancing them out provides an easygoing space, inviting you in without much distraction. It affects your own perception of the space, for example, cool gradients reflect wider spaces.

You can pump up your Kitchen by adding a bold color into it. Depending on the mood you want to create, orange, yellow, and red can add a playful mood.

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Photo Courtesy: E2 Architecture

On the other hand, colors ranging from black to dark blue, would turn it into a high end and sleek space. In this case, simple textures would do the trick. Marble countertops & laminate cabinets reach a comfortable balance.

Photo Courtesy: i29

You might want to switch to appetizing shades of green, as they provide a cozy feel to your Kitchen. While the color scheme is more relaxing, the textures should speak for themselves, presenting a vivid space. Those textures may include wooden cabinets, mosaic combinations, and patterned ceramics.

Photo Courtesy: Regan Baker Design


Kitchens might have a standard window circulating natural ventilation, or a wide one overlooking your backyard. Generally, a 1.5 m2 opening into your window allows enough natural lighting and ventilation. Nevertheless, the collective openings’ size should be within 10% of the Kitchen area.

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Photo Courtesy: Nina Maya Interiors

As for its artificial lighting, you might include several techniques, from direct to indirect lighting. Dangling modern fixtures for higher ceilings is always dynamic, while spotlights can be practical and minimal. Indirect lighting graphically reflects the kitchen shades and highlights its textures. As it complements the kitchen’s renovation, it is usually more of a design element rather than an illumination option. You might want to highlight your beautiful tiles with overhead cabinets’ led lights for example.

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Photo Courtesy: Matteo Nunziati


If you don’t prefer an open kitchen, merging your kitchen into your home and its surrounding spaces could be suitable for your space. One way is adding a full-height shelving section between your Kitchen and your Dining or Living rooms. This Section should carry practically visual objects, such as of dining table centerpieces, jars, bowls, table covers, and plants. Another way is to add a glass partition that still allows a visual connection between the spaces.

Photo Courtesy: Joel Kelly
Photo Courtesy: Joel Kelly

It is always a great idea to start renovating your kitchen. Hopefully, those ideas will trigger your inner designer and give your kitchen a fresh look. Read more home design tips; living room, dining room, home office.

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