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Le Marché: The Exhibition of furniture, home acces...

Le Marché: The Exhibition of furniture, home accessories and more

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About “Le Marché”

Le Marché is one of the largest furniture, material, and home accessories exhibitions in the Middle East. To clarify, it’s a lively design festival celebrating almost everything related to interior design. Stared on 22 October 2020 and will end on 25 October 2020, Le Marché brings 300+ international and local brands together showcasing their outstanding home concepts and products for people to see and also purchase. So, we can say that it’s the melting pot where designers and manufacturers vibrantly meet with people under one roof. Linesmag went to this zestful exhibition and talked to different inspiring designers and here’s a glimpse.

Williams Home Interior Designs

Firstly, we stopped at a very interesting partition. At Williams Home Interior Designs we met the chief designer Ramy William. The designer told us about his passion for design from a very young age and how he starts creating furniture pieces. Moreover, he provided his insights on furniture design by saying “You have to profoundly understand the client’s requirement and create something that is flexible enough to suit them.” Above all, the whole partition contains uniquely designed furniture pieces with the most soothing color palette.

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Photo Courtesy: linesmag

Kenda Interiors

We also passed by Kenda Interiors by Nadim and all that we saw was refined styles that look sophisticated and charming. Their collections include pieces inspired by history featuring elements such as “arabesque” and “Mashrabeya”. Their bold statement piece “Love seat” instantly captured our eye.
Kenda Interiors by Nadim - Linesmag
Photo Courtesy: Linesmag


We stopped at the well-known furniture store Pinocchio for great quality and chic designs. And talked with Amr Orensa – the marketing and design manager. He explained to us the importance of reviving handmade techniques and how they used several ones in their latest collection. In the rooms showcased in Pinocchio’s partition, the wood inlay and chisel techniques were used.

Pinnochio Furniture
Photo Courtesy: Linesmag

At Pinocchio, a living room designed by Nedal Badr and implemented by Pinocchio is showcased. ” I worked with this pattern, which is widely used in different applications and especially in kilim, that’s why I called the room Kilim.” Nedal Badr. This room design is a continuity of a successful piece of furniture that he designed before. One of the very interesting things we saw in this room is the storage space created under the sofa seating by creating a self-supported sofa cushion.

Pinnochio furniture by Nedal Badr
Photo Courtesy: Linesmag


Tekton is another iconic partition that we passed through in our walk-in Le Marche exhibition. To illustrate, Tekton offers designed wooden furniture pieces that are truly interesting. “We don’t use pintertest” said Akram, one of the founders of Tekton. Then, he carried on by saying “We study any style, then we envision what we’re going to create through sketching. Finally, we model it”. Tekton partition is an atmosphere of originality, authenticity, and passion.

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Photo Courtesy: linesmag


Our next stop was at the “Handmade” partition. Beautified by their crochet handmade home and personal accessories, Handmade has dazzled us with their products. We had a chat with Hala Ashour the CEO of the brand while she proudly presents us with the designs “We don’t only design some good-looking pieces, but we are keen on providing functional ones as well.” Therefore, at Handmade you will see products from baskets to chairs, rugs, and many more products that are 100% handmade.

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photo Courtesy: linesmag


Finally, we stopped at kiliim to be nothing but inspired. We saw stunning handmade kilim products with different themes and great precision. We asked one of the designers standing in the partition how do they create the pieces that we saw. The designer replied: “Firstly, we start with an inspiring theme. Then, we research this style. Finally, we partner up with craftsmen who would translate the design into reality.”

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Photo Courtesy: linesmag

To sum up, our visit to Le Marché was definitely an inspiring experience that we urge you to try! For more up to date news and events visit: “Kelos launches its 2020 collection”

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