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More Than Brushstrokes: Deena Fadel Art and Awe

More Than Brushstrokes: Deena Fadel Art and Awe

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Deena Fadel is a fine artist and the founder of Joud Home Accessories and Tamara Fabrics. She creates blissful art pieces that are not only beautiful, but also profound. Deena received numerous awards in the field of Arts and Design. We interviewed this passionate artist and we ended up being inspired to our cores. So, get ready to see a thousand shades of passion and take a look at Deena Fadel’s art.

Mariez Hany: Tell us about yourself.

Deena Fadel: I was born in England and my passion for art appeared as early as I could remember. To illustrate, I enjoyed drawing and was fond of collecting different things. So, I won my first national drawing competition at the age of three. Later, I came here to Egypt and graduated from the AUC with a double major of Art and Marketing. I have a great zeal for mixed media painting because through using it, I experience the true meaning of limitlessness and freedom.

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Photo Courtesy: Deena Fadel Paintings Official Facebook Page.

MH: Could you walk us through your art studio. What’s inside it and how do you feel when you paint there?

DF: Oh! My art studio is my divine and sacred place. When the door is closed and I open it, it’s like entering a different world. My studio is quite small and intimate actually, I should tell. However, it’s sun-filled and energy-radiant. The studio is a mess of colors, canvas and textures which is the mixture I use to travel in time through painting. So, it’s my own wonderland.

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Photo Courtesy: Deena Fadel Paintings Official Facebook Page.

MH: Deena Fadel’s art is characterized by its unique painting style, So can you tell us more about it and illustrate what is the so called mixed media painting?

DF: I can describe my painting style to be semi-abstract. To clarify, the mixed media painting is where you create different layers and add various textures to your art piece. Sometimes I use recycled paper, oils, wax and other less-known textures as well. Through mixed media painting, my souls breathes and expresses itself.

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The Painting “Connected”. Photo Courtesy: Deena Fadel.

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The Painting “Dream”. Photo Courtesy: Deena Fadel.


MH: What motivates you to paint and how do you start a painting?

DF: Well, painting is language to me, it’s how I communicate with myself and with other people. So, as you always have something to say, I always have something to paint, it just flows naturally. The process of painting is my time for meditation, it’s very subtle yet very deep, mind-ingested and mystic.

MH: We noticed that many of your paintings bear a spiritual/holistic message within. So, is that a way of expressing your thoughts or there is a message you’re trying to convey through them?

DF: My works of art come from a true genuine place. I’m always both affected and inspired by what I see and experience in life and I pour that in my paintings. When everyone look at a certain painting, they could experience a different emotion and that’s the whole point of art. It appeals to so many different people and in so many ways. So, each time someone looks at it they can get a different sense and get told another story.

Deena Fadel Art_Linesmag_9
The Painting "Love is the bridge between you and everything". Photo Courtesy: Deena Fadel.

MH: You have a painting that people can take pictures appearing to be blending with, can you tell us more about it?

DF: The idea behind it was that I wanted people to be part of the painting rather than just viewing it. As a result, they would more connected to it and profoundly experience it.

Deena Fadel Art_Linesmag_6
Interactive Painting. Photo Courtesy: Deena Fadel Paintings Official Facebook Page.

MH: What’s the dearest painting to your heart?

DF: It’s so hard to answer that really, but I think it’s the painting I called “The Circle of Life”. It’s a mixed media painting and one of my absolute favorites.

Deena Fadel Art_Linesmag_2
The Painting "The circle of life". Photo Courtesy: Deena Fadel.

MH: You are from the unique artists who work on themselves and actually develop their skills. How did that affect your personality and paintings?

DF: I have a thirst of knowledge and an endless love to art and psychology. I have always been amazed by the boundless human mind and how you can re-form the neurons in your mind and actually shift your mindset. Moreover, I’m also fascinated by the magical universe that God created. So, I always take courses, read and practice to reveal who I really am and reach a very spiritual place and that actually opens a lot of doors to paint and create all my experiences.

MH: Between painting and having your own brands, Joud Home Accessories and Tamara Fabrics, what’s your next dream as an artist?

DF: Lately, writing has been having its place in my heart! So, I’m working on releasing a small artworks and poetry book. It would be my way of believing that there are no boundaries in art.

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Art and Poetry. Photo Courtesy: Deena Fadel.

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Art and Poetry. Photo Courtesy: Deena Fadel.

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Art and Poetry. Photo Coutesy: Deena Fadel


MH: What advice do you give to young artists who art still walking their baby steps in the art world.

DF: I would say let your art speak the truth, never get pressured by a certain style, color, etc. Just be honest and genuine and authentically you and success will just follow.

To conclude, Deena Fadel’s art is to be experienced and not viewed. If you’re interested to know more about other artists check: Interview with the artist Tasneem El-Meshad

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