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Nadine Sherif jewellery Designer Interview

Nadine Sherif jewellery Designer Interview

Nadine Sherif Jewellery Designer Necklace Cairo

Nadine Sherif is an Egyptian Design Award Winning Jewellery Designer and the founder of Nadine Sherif Jewellery Brand. She completed her bachelor degree at the school of architecture in 2013, MIU, Egypt. Nadine is very passionate about Jewellery that she professionally started her own business in 2017.

Menna Tarek: How did you start your Journey?

Nadine Sherif: I always had a passion for sketching and designing Jewellery as in my opinion there are no limits and you can create anything. Then I participated in the Cairo Design Award (CDA) 2017 and thankfully won the Second place.

Nadine Sherif Cairo Design Award 2017
Nadine Sherif after winning the 2nd Place at the CDA

MT: How did you participate in the Cairo Design Award (CDA)?

NS: My family and friends were always supportive and encouraged me to join the CDA . And I submitted my sketches and handmade model for my piece ‘A Necklace’. Finally, after passing all the stages, I won the 2nd place, and the prize was presented by the Famous Azza Fahmy in a stunning ceremony held in Cairo, Egypt.

MT: Tell us more about your journey after winning the Prize?

NS: Shortly after I started searching for a professional workshop that I can work with. That was hard at first and it took me some time to find a place that I can trust and the team that understands my mindset and appreciates my work. This was an important stage since I’m very precise about my work details to be able to reveal the concept behind each jewellery piece.

MT: Did studying Architecture help you in your designs?

NS: YES! Architecture is always the base. I learned how to think and work on my concept. I also learned more about detailing and how to show it through my drawings and of course to have the patience to follow and develop my designs.
Besides I use Auto-Cad Program as the main step in my designing process.

MT: When did you launch your first collection?

NS: One year ago shortly after winning the CDA, I professionally worked on my first collection ‘Ottoman Collection’ which we started shooting it Last Ramadan and was launched in August 2018.

Jewellery Piece from the “Ottoman Collection”
Jewellery Piece from the “Ottoman Collection”
Jewellery Piece from the “Ottoman Collection”
Jewellery Piece from the “Ottoman Collection”

MT: Which phase in all the process is your favorite?

NS: The first phase where I sit alone and enjoy designing and sketching.

MT: And What is your favorite piece?

NS: Every piece is very special to me and has an inspiring story and concept behind but generally my favorite is the Necklace; I presented at the CDA as I passionately designed it’s front and back sides. it is very adjustable and can be worn in variable ways.

Nadine Sherif Jewellery Designer Necklace Cairo Egypt Photo_4

MT: In your opinion, What makes your products Different and Unique?

NS: Actually what I really love about my work is that I do care much about the details which make each piece a very artistic and unique one.

MT: What is your latest collection?

NS: Month ago we launched a matching couple bands which you can check on our Instagram page. Currently, I am working on the Summer Collection which will be ready SOON.

Matching Bands
Matching Bands
Jewellery Matching Bands
Matching Bands

MT: Your Slogan is ‘Exceptionally For You’, What do u mean by this?

NS: When I first started designing jewellery, my main goal was to embrace every woman’s beauty that suits her own personality and style. Moreover, I would like to mention that I don’t mass produce, and also we are not an online store that sells or customize other designers work.

If the client has a certain occasion I can readjust the units of my designs to fit their taste and style, but carrying my own signature and spirit.

MT: I personally love your Slogan and understood from your words that every woman will have her own customized unique piece that is different than other jewellery. Is that an easy goal to achieve?

NS: Of course it is not easy but totally worth it. I can readjust my pieces from my own collection using the same pattern differentially to meet every woman’s choice.

Nadine Sherif Jewellery Designer Necklace
Silver Necklace

MT: How can clients reach you?

NS: Through Instagram page or Mobile phone. Also soon you can find my Jewellery pieces at Jay Store inside d Store at Cairo Festival City Mall.

MT: Do you use only Silver in your products?

NS: No, I work with Silver, Gold, Diamonds and Zircon Stones.

MT:  We always feel the spirit of the Architect in your work. Is that intended?

NS: Actually Yes. And I am proud of that. Actually, I am really fond of using Geometric patterns and have used in some of my pieces. But that doesn’t mean that all my work will follow this pattern; I am a designer and I can use different patterns and styles that show Creativity and Diversity.

Nadine Sherif Jewellery Designer Cuff Bracelet
Stunning Cuff bracelet by Nadine Sherif Jewellery

MT: Nadine, Do you think that it is worth the risk of leaving your full-time job as a teaching assistant to start your own business all by yourself?

NS: Yes. Simply, in my opinion, everyone should live doing what they love. Get out of their comfort zones to follow their passion. And to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

You can now shop from Nadine Sherif collection on our Store.

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