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“Ngaren Museum” Tracking Evolution by ...

“Ngaren Museum” Tracking Evolution by Daniel Libeskind

Ngaren museum Humankind Daniel libeskind kenya

Daniel Libeskind Studio revealed plans in collaboration with paleoanthropologist Dr. Richard E. Leakey to build Ngaren museum in Kenya. Ngaren visitor experience will be dramatically different than any other experience in traditional natural history museums. The museum main idea is to take the visitors into a journey. Exploring the origins of the universe, the story of human history, climate change consequences, age of dinosaurs to wars and disease. In order to educate and challenge visitors to learn from the past and build a better future.

“What’s frightening is that we are behaving like an asteroid. We are in direct collision with the systems of life, polluting the ocean overpopulating the planet, knocking out species that are fundamental to our own survival.

​And yet, we have the technology, I believe we have the brains, if we can bring together the two, we can change the way we do things.” Richard E. Leakey

Ngaren museum Humankind Daniel libeskind kenya
Photo Courtesy: Daniel Libeskind Studio

Encouraging human interaction and connectivity using virtual reality. Virtually transporting the visitors through time and allowing them to change the past, present, and future. “Ngaren will use technology and immersive experience to challenge visitors’ misconceptions about climate change; ideas about stability—from changing continents to changing environments; to views about extinction and the progress in evolution.”


Two pointed structures inspired by hand axes – a prehistoric stone tool – featuring a solid powerful exterior rising vertically against the landscape in Loodariak. In addition to a dome-shaped building.

From the inside, a series of interactive halls and exhibition spaces are being planned.

Ngaren museum Humankind Daniel libeskind kenya
Photo Courtesy: Daniel Libeskind Studio

The museum will be built on a 300 acre in Loodariak, southeast of Nairobi. The site is about 60 km from the Capital Nairobi. Leakey family dontaed the land. While, Kenya government has committed $ 10 M to fund the infrastructure needed for the museum. Including the superhighway that will bypass the museum. A seed funding is being raised on Rabble to fund the architecture design, master planning and the development of exclusive cutting edge experience and educational content.

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