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Ode To Beauty: DUCO’s Vibrant Urban Art in S...

Ode To Beauty: DUCO’s Vibrant Urban Art in Somabay-Egypt

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“Egypt is beautiful and could be even more beautiful” are the words carved in Hassan Ismail’s heart. Hassan is a passionate architect and the founder of DUCO. To clarify, DUCO is a boutique agency, a production house and a future platform of urban art and outdoor hand-painted wall-scapes. “Our first project was done in 2015, painting the portal of an electrician in front of my house” Hassan said. However, Hassan  officially established DUCO in 2017 to target any outdoor for aesthetic transformation. DUCO’s objective is to work towards community enrichment and place making through improving street visuals as a means of inspiration. In addition to that, it aims to create interaction, understanding and appreciation of art. In this article, we will showcase DUCO’s urban art in Egypt. So, let’s see their latest project of transforming a muted urban area into one breathing with vibrancy.

Mesmerizing Context

Somabay is a place where clear turquoise waters, breathtaking sunsets and alluring landscapes gather to celebrate nature. At Somabay there is always something to discover or an exciting adventure to undertake. Indulging every fascination and thrill, Somabay is a bliss of perpetual liveliness. “It’s a spectacular place and the development team there needed a radiant mural to reflect that” added Hassan Ismail.

Awe-inspiring Art-Phase One

Therefore, in the urge to reflect this vibrant and vigorous nature of Somabay, DUCO’s team produced their delightful wall-scapes. Firstly, Segments Architects proposed the mural artworks and the designated locations throughout Somabay’s marina area. Then, DUCO took over to produce the marvelous murals. Hypnotized by the dancing waves and fascinated by the sea creatures, DUCO produced the first mural in October 2019. The sea turtle painting is among the monumental facades that would win your affection when entering the marina. “Although local residents have been neutral about the idea of graphical representations projected in their built environment. However, after a while, they communicated with the mural, loved it and became attached to it to the extent that they now have a nickname for it” Hassan excitedly commented.

egypt urban art-Linesmag_3
Sea Turtle Mural in the Making. Photo Courtesy: DUCO.
egypt urban art-Linesmag_2
Finished Sea Turtle Mural. Photo Courtesy: DUCO.

Awe-inspiring Art-Phase Two

“After the amazing success, the spectacular feedback of the residents and their inspiring insights, we went on to initiate phase two” said Hassan. Resuming with the same tropical vibe and lively mood, DUCO produced a flamingo this time. During the on-site production of the flamingo, the mystical breeze of Somabay brought about some migrated birds. So, to compliment the magic of the marine, the design and production included those birds in the second phase.

egypt urban art-Linesmag_4
Birds Mural in the Making. Photo Courtesy: DUCO.
egypt urban art-Linesmag_5
Finished Birds Mural. Photo Courtesy: DUCO.

DUCO Empowering Urban Appeal in Somabay

To sum up, DUCO isn’t an agency that only produces paintings. Because as we showcased in the article, they produce unforgettable memories to fuel a state of beauty. “The beauty of the project isn’t only in the outcome. However, it’s in the process of production itself” Hassan Ismail said. The murals are a production of a collaboration with SOUP Design House x Kingfisher Studio and DUCO – Empowering Urban Appeal. “The production process includes a collaboration of artists, designers, craftsmen with many other professions and that’s the true beauty of it.”

egypt urban art-Linesmag_6
A Closer Look on the Murals. Photo Courtesy: DUCO.
egypt urban art-Linesmag_7
A Closer Look on the Murals. Photo Courtesy: DUCO.
egypt urban art-Linesmag_8
A Closer Look on the Murals. Photo Courtesy: DUCO.

To read more about DUCO’s urban art in Egypt check their LinkedIn Profile. To read more urban art in Egypt check: Street Art In Egypt. 

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