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Omar El-Farouk

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Born in Egypt in 1942, Omar El-Farouk is a renowned architect. Enchanted by fine architecture from a very early age, he grew up to join the Faculty of Fine Arts, Architecture Department in Cairo.

During his years of college, he met Hassan Fathy, who later became his master and shaped his preferences.  Later, he earned his Master’s Degree in Vernacular Architecture from London University which he later taught at.

Omar Elfarouk believes that Traditional Architecture is that of comfort and beauty and that was reflected in all of his works. Some of which include residential buildings as Dar Omar El-Farouk, Dar Yousra Khan, Dar Abdullah Shelifer, and many more. In addition to residential buildings, Omar El Farouk also designed mosques as Hassan El-Shazly mosque and the New Mexico mosque in New Mexico.