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Only Few Days Left for Arab Fashion Week in Dubai

Only Few Days Left for Arab Fashion Week in Dubai

Arab Fashion Week

According to Vogue Italy Magazine, Arab Fashion Week is considered one of the worlds’ most important fashion week. The Arab Fashion Week will be hosted from 9 to 14 October, 2019, in City Walk Dubai.

It is considered to be the world’s only platform that promotes the ‘Ready Couture’ and Pre-Collections, showing the fashion luxury in Dubai and Arab World to the whole World Fashion industry.


The Arab Fashion Week started in Dubai. Its first edition was four years ago and continued successfully to shine and grow throughout the years proving from every edition to the other that it is truly one of the most important fashion weeks’ world wide.

Photo Courtesy: Dubai Media Office @DXBMediaOffice

Arab Fashion Week Schedule

Day One:

Fashion Shows

Charbel Zoè Show starts at 7 pm.

Fashion Farm Foundation by YLY Studio starts at 7:30 pm.

Fashion Farm Foundation by FromClothingOf starts at 7:45 pm.

Naja Saade show starts at 8:30 pm.

Valeryia As’ad show starts at 9 pm.

Baravia Couture starts at 9:30 pm.

Cocktail Reception starts at 11 pm.

Day Two:

Fashion Shows

Kayat Couture starts at 7 pm.

Asmaraia starts at 7:30 pm.

FAD presented by Comfort starts at 7:45 pm.

Nirmooha starts at 8:30 pm.

Ezra Tuba starts at 9 pm.

Sophia Nubes starts at 10 pm.

Bav Tailor starts at 10:30 pm.

Private Dinner by FAD Institute starts at 11 pm.

Sophia Nubes show at AFW 6th edition. Photo Courtesy:

Day Three:

Fashion Shows supported by Vogue Talents

Dhruv Kapoor starts at 7 pm.

Hussein Bazaza starts at 7:30 pm.

Daniele Caroltta starts at 7:30 pm.

Nora Al Sheikh starts at 9 pm.

Rami Kadi starts at 10 pm.

Private Dinner by Vogue Italy starts at 11 pm.

Arab Fashion Week Rami-Kadi-show-at-AFW-8th-edition,-source--arabfashionCouncil-instagram-official
Rami Kadi show at AFW 8th-edition. Photo Courtesy: Arab fashion Council instagram official

Day Four:

Fashion Shows

Kibovskaya starts from 7 pm.

Jonathan Marc Stein starts from 7:30 pm.

BLSSD starts from 8:30 pm.

Mehmet Korkmaz starts from 9 pm.

Mikhail Chamoun starts from 10 pm.

Mikhail Chamoun + DHL show at AFW 8th edition.
Mikhail Chamoun + DHL show at AFW 8th edition. Photo Courtesy: Mikhail Chamoun

Day Five:

Fashion Shows

Marmar Halim starts from 7 pm.

MALLINY starts from 8 pm.

Tony Miranda starts from 8:30 pm.

Mia Couture starts from 9 pm.

Sophia Couture starts from 9:30 pm.

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