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Our Favorite Indoor Plants, you can have at your p...

Our Favorite Indoor Plants, you can have at your place

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Adding indoor plants in your home is a very beautiful enhancement to your place that gives it a magnificent natural feeling and a relaxing mood to your home.

House plants are not only considered as a decorative element at home but also it gives a very natural theme and cleans the surrounded atmosphere around you.

Here are some ideas for indoor plants you can have inside your house and how to take care of them.

Croton Plant

This one is an eye-catching plant that is very beautiful to look at with all the variety in its leaves. Croton is an easy plant to grow that needs a sunny room with big windows. For better foliage color, you need to keep it in evenly moist soil. Water is moderately needed during the winter, and you should never let the soil dry out.

But remember that this plant is not recommended in homes that have curious kids or pets.

Asparagus Fern

It is a very popular houseplant that is better to be put in hanging pots. This plant is very easy to take care of.

It mainly needs indirect light and always keep the plant moist and water when dry.

Elephant Ear Plant

This beautiful plant got this name as it has large leaves that looks like the shape of elephant’s ear. It can be planted indoor and outdoor as well, it needs large places or pots to grow in due to its big size.

Elephant Ears plants need indirect sunlight and you have to keep the soil moist.

Indoor plants Elephant ear plant

Lavender Plant

Who isn’t a big fan of the amazing smell of the Lavender. You can easily have this unique fragrance naturally when planting it at inside your home, You will also enjoy the amazing fresh smell and its beautiful color as well. Lavender needs bright light so always place it in a very bright room facing south.

Don’t forget that over watering will cause the plant to rot and also you should never leave it dry.

Lavender plant

Ficus Plant

Ficus is the one of the most popular houseplant that has a wide range of species that can be planted whether indoor or outdoor. It is very well known of its shinny leaves.

A common advice for all Ficus species is that they need indirect sunlight, so its better to be kept in bright room with average temperature.


Snake Plant

This evergreen plant is very easy plant to have at your house, that can survive any environment and any changes. It’s better to put the Snake plant in indirect sunlight although it can tolerate different light conditions.

Remember that don’t over water the plant as it will kill it and always allow the soil dry between watering and never let the leaves wet while watering.


Aloe Vera

Everyone knows this plant and are aware of how useful it is in many fields. Aloe Vera has anti-bacterial properties. You can keep it for its medical importance as some use it for curing wounds. It is also used for cosmetic purposes such as facial, skin and hair masks, some even use it in food.

This plant needs bright space with indirect sun light and it can survive minimal water supply, so u can water it once in a week or two weeks.

Aloe vera plants

Calathea plant

Calathea Plant is one of the most popular species that works very well at any type of indoors.

When placing this plant you have to avoid direct sunlight. Since it causes harm to the plant and its color, you should put it in a bright spot with indirect sunlight due to its nature.

Remember, don’t overwater the plant and always keep the soil moist.


“Gardening simply does not allow one to be mentally old, because too many hopes and dreams are yet to be realized.”  Allan Armitage

Always treat your indoor plants as a family member, and remember that it keeps your house clean, purified and beautiful. All kinds of plants with their various nature, colors and shapes do bring happiness to your place, your soul and eyes. So it is very important to take good care of and never neglect their needs.

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