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Our Picks of the Best of Ramadan Series Interior D...

Our Picks of the Best of Ramadan Series Interior Designs

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Since Ramadan has just been over, so there is no better timing than now to rate the series that have kept us glued to our seats throughout the whole month. With many competing series, we’ve chosen the ones with the most eloquent set designs that speak to you with the actors in the scene. These Ramadan series are Le’ebet Newton, Khali Balak Men Zizi, and Nasl El-Aghrab. Keep on reading and let us know your favorite ones too.

Le’ebet Newton

Whether you are team Mo’nis or team Hazem, some set designs in this T.V. series were hard to neglect. Firstly, is the office of the apiary. It’s one of the very first interior designs to appear in the series and one of the catchiest ones. The place design depicts Hana’s comfort zone that she’s going to get out from later in the series. The interior’s intimate scale and size give the mood of coziness and comfort. Yet, in some scenes, the director chooses to keep the lights off to deliver rather a dark atmosphere.

Green and brown were the two master colors performing in the scenes of the office. They work together in the color and texture of the furniture to send a message of comfort, convenience, security and safety. Plants also played a major role to make the place feel friendly and homey. The dominant windows in the office spread light and enkindle the place with warmth.

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Hana and Hazem’s office at the apiary, Photo Courtesy: Le’ebet Newton’s series

In addition to that, Dar Elfarouk also made a special appearance in the TV series. Functioned as Sayed Ragab’s house and designed by the renowned architect Omar El-Farouk, this house was a remarkable feature in the series. Intimate, friendly, human-centric, amusing and rich in details were the keywords that the house induced in the scenes it participated in.  

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Badr’s House: Dar Elfarouk, Photo Courtesy: Le’ebet Newton’s series
Badr’s House: Dar Elfarouk, Photo Courtesy: Le’ebet Newton’s series

Khali Balak Men Zizi

When we mention this TV series, you may think about the duck ringtone of Zizi’s mobile, the broken mirror of her car, or her sweatpants. But you will never fail to remember the laundry room where her childhood trauma and the ADHD were seen in nor the psychiatric room where her trauma was revealed in. In Khali Balak Men Zizi, interior design also played an important role in delivering the message behind the series. In its small scale, high ceiling, and stuffed furniture character, Zizi couldn’t help but get traumatized when locked up in. On the contrary, we find the therapy with its room opened, transparent with minimal furniture, and a great deal of greenery, Zizi finds comfort and healing.

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Zizi’s house laundry room, Photo Courtesy: Khali Balak Men Zizi’s series
ramadan series_linesmag
Dr Sami’s (the Psychiatrist) room. Zizi’s house laundry room, Photo Courtesy: Khali Balak Men Zizi’s series

Nasl El-Aghrab

In upper Egypt and in a fight to win Galila’s heart, the story between Assaf and Ghofran takes place. From the very beginning till the very end, we see the contrast between the houses of both Assaf and Ghofran which demonstrate the condition of each. To illustrate, the series displays Ghofran’s house as luxurious, lavish and just awefully fancy. The house shines in gold and boasts with its remarakable grandeur decorations and furniture. So, from first glances, the audiance automatically receive the message of the might of Ghofran and his wealth. On the contrarty, Assaf’s house is bare, colorless, dull and perfectly tells the years of abandonment when Assaf was in prison.

ramadan series_linesmag
Assaf’s house, Photo Courtesy: Nasl El-Aghrab series
ramadan series_linesmag
Ghofran’s house, Photo Courtesy: Nasl El-Aghrab series

Those are three of our favorite interior designs in Ramadan series, share with us your too and don’t forget to check: Why interior design really matters to know more about the power of space.

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