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How to creatively personalize your home?

How to creatively personalize your home?

Interior design – Personalize your home

“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.” Says Maya Angelou and what this poet targets here is the concept of home. Homes aren’t just some sort of an in-animate, non-living or dead thing. They are alive just as we are. They reflect our passions, habits, beliefs, they simply reflect us and are extensions of us, they are us. But how can you personalize your home to reflect your passion and personality?

We always feel a bit clueless when it comes to designing our homes. Questions like: What do I like best? How to make my home unique? Where is my very own personality in my home? always seem to pop while designing our own homes.
The good news is that we do not have to feel clueless anymore! Because here we have some ideas for you to make some adjustments so that your home can be more like you.
When it comes to home designing, the first thing to ask yourself is “who am I?” and when answering that question don’t be afraid to reply with what interests and moves you, what exhilarates you and lightens the inner fire inside you.

Coffee Corner

We can’t fail to notice that one of the most trending habits nowadays is drinking coffee, more coffee and even more coffee! Did the smell enter your body yet?  Well, we are delighted to tell you that the exact same aroma of coffee that you love to smell and taste in coffee shops can be brought right to your home and can take a five second walk from where you stand to enjoy. Yes, it is a coffee corner. A small yet flavor full corner. So, if you are a coffee lover, you can design this corner to enjoy your everyday coffee in. Here are some coffee corner ideas to inspire you to personalize your home in way you will most enjoy.

Interior design – Coffee corner
Photo Courtesy: fustany

Book Lovers’ Paradise

Some people have loved reading since before they even knew how, while others came to appreciate the hobby later in life. Either way, people who find themselves in reading are everywhere and they deserve to have their homes to reflect their favorite hobby too. So, if you are a bookworm, you can choose your reading corner to be in a calm, cozy and well-lit area next to a window or a balcony. If you have a beautiful view outside your home, your reading corner can’t be more perfect. In this corner, your passion for reading and imagination will be activated. You can also showcase more of you reading passions all over your home through using your walls and turning them into mini libraries using the bookshelf wall technique. You can use either or both ideas to make your home where you feel you belong to.

Interior design-passion for reading

Exuberant Exercise Spot

Let’s cheer up for those athletes and celebrate their new records! If you are a sports person and sports is your one and only favorite thing to do to feel energized and alive, then a sports spot would definitely be your absolute favorite area and most loved corner of your home. You can add as many gym tools as your corner can hold and make it as lively and vibrant as you wish. In this special corner, you will enjoy burning calories in your own home and most importantly, personalize your home to speak for your passion and fully represent your personality.

Interior design – Sports spot
Photo Courtesy: evercoolhomes

Meditation Section

Ready for a real journey deep in your soul? It’s time to sit and meditate a bit! As we know, prayer and meditation allow us to recharge for the day and be ready with our full potential. The meditation section of your home can be as simple or as sophisticated as your character is. You may include some indoor plants, scented candles, printed inspirational quotes and a colorful rug to encourage you to meditate. However, there is one thing to consider while designing it which is that your spiritual section needs to be tranquil and calm so that you can connect with your deeper self and get refilled in this corner.

Interior design – Meditation Section
Photo courtesy: bluebrickz

Music Venue

“Music can change the world” said Beethoven. So why not let it change your home too? The music venue is designed for those who have passion for music, for those who appreciate good music and for those who feel alive only when they touch their musical instruments. In this corner, all you need is to bring your dearest musical instrument and a suitable chair, some of your music books and start getting lost in music.

Interior design – music venue
Photo Courtesy: briointeriordesign

Art Space

An art corner would be a perfect self-expression for those who have passion for art and creativity is their goal. In this corner, you can use as many colors as you like to fill in your white canvas. Remember to use the walls surrounding you to pin your works of art for everyone to practically see your passion alive. Your art space will be where you practically see your passion for art reflected in front of you.

Interior design - art space
Photo Courtesy: singulart

Be free when you personalize your home

Passions are limitless and so are ideas for interior design, but the one thing that we all have in common is that we all want our homes to be more like us. Home, isn’t just brick, home is a soul, your soul and we encourage you to personalize your home through your own unique design and for more interior design ideas you can check the article: “Design tips for your living room.” So, whatever your character is, do not hesitate to model it in your home as freely and as boldly as you wish.

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  1. Salwa Hassan

    14 February

    Beautiful. Thank you.

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    28 March

    Wow, inspiring article
    I like the coffee corner and the meditation section