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Planting Heliopolis bridges!

Planting Heliopolis bridges

Recent construction work in Heliopolis has outraged many residents and on the other hand other residents seem to accept the idea. Trees are being cut off for the sake of building new bridges that will make crossing Heliopolis neighborhood easier to reach the New Administrative Capital.

Some residents are taking images of the ongoing work and are calling through social media to stop cutting the trees. The work didn’t stop but something else occurred. The responsible entity started planting the sides and columns of the bridge. Residents’ responses varied from “at least something is being done” to “replant the huge number of removed trees”.

Installing green walls on the bridges is definitely a new idea that has been never implemented in Egypt before. And some are considering it as a positive action that needs to be encouraged. Although such a plantation method needs consistent maintenance.

Photo Courtesy: Youm7
Photo Courtesy: Heliopolis Heritage Initiative

In addition, the car emissions in Cairo are pretty high and the trees help reduce the pollution. That’s why increasing or replanting the trees is a real necessity and is not only about the visual aspect.

Did you spot this bridge while being in Heliopolis? It’s located at the intersection of Salah Salem and El Nozha Street. Tell us your opinion, are you with or against planting Heliopolis new bridges.

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