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Residential Redesign: DTG with Omar Kishk, Ahmed A...

Residential Redesign: DTG with Omar Kishk, Ahmed Atef and Heba El-Kalyoubi

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Concerned with the residential redesign in quarantine, “Design To Go” by Esorus was the connection that helped Omar Kishk, Ahmed Atef and Heba El-Kalyoubi to reach out to people. In this article, we will not only showcase three different residential cases but also present unlimited ideas to design. So, get ready to see residential redesign done right with Omar Kishk, Ahmed Atef and Heba El-Kalyoubi.

About Omar Kishk

Architect Omar Kishk is the founder of A for Architecture, an award winning architecture and interior firm. Omar Kishk is also passionate about furniture and product design creating outstanding, esthetic and functional pieces.

About The Case

The project was a reception design. The family in which this project belong to had a clear vision and specific requirements. They wanted to transform the reception into a fully functioning lively space.

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Suggested Interior Design. Photo Courtesy:

Design Proposals

With the help of experience and creativity, Omar designed his proposals. The first design proposal was the division of the reception area into three main zones. To illustrate these zones were: a vibrant living room, an intimate seating by the window and a dining area that is directly connected to the kitchen. Then, next to the kitchen would be an activity room which would embrace the family’s variable hobbies. Another suggestion would be the creation of a quiet reading nook which would take the place of the intimate seating. The architect then took it to the next level and designed the second proposal. This proposal included a switch between the kitchen and the activity area and another switch between the living area with the dining one to make one connected living space. The designer also suggested furniture forms and settings make the best use of the place.

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Apartment Plan. Photo Courtesy: A for Architecture.

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First Design Proposal. Photo Courtesy: A for Architecture.

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Highlighted Details of the First Design Proposal. Photo Courtesy: A for Architecture.

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Second Design Proposal. Photo Courtesy: A for Architecture.

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Highlighted Details of the Second Design Proposal. Photo Courtesy: A for Architecture.


Continuing with endless creativity, Omar proposed his final designs. These suggestions created a one coherent connected living space where are all zones inter-connect. To clarify, the architect suggested all of the kitchen, dining, living and activity areas to become a whole joined space. Furthermore, Omar suggested blending all sorts of family activities from cooking, eating, playing, working, watching TV or reading in one embracing zone with each zone designed to a specific activity and enhance a specific mood.

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Third Design Proposal. Photo Courtesy: A for Architecture.

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Highlighted Details of the Third Design Proposal. Photo Courtesy: A for Architecture.


About Ahmed Atef

Architect Ahmed Atef is the managing director and the co-founder of Accurate Lines, a multi-discipline engineering consulting firm. Ahmed Atef successfully provide complete architectural and interior designs with a confident touch of modernity.

About The Case

This is a home office renovation project. The client needed a multi-functional office space in his duplex apartment. To clarify, the client wished for a comfy and a quiet space where he can work, study, read and also watch movies in.

Residential Redesign by Accurate Lines-Linesmag_14
Suggested Interior Design. Photo Courtesy:

Design Proposals

Fulfilling the client’s requirements and more, Ahmed spotted the apartment’s problems and the client’s wishes and began proposing three designs. The first proposal included increasing the dressing area, better re-designing of bathrooms and suggesting a private modern living/office space. Then, Ahmed developed another design proposal which was a creative one. To illustrate, the proposal was engaging the master bedroom with the office/living room to create a whole suite area. The third design proposal was a floor complete re-imagination and design. Firstly, the architect re-located the master bedroom to the garden view side of the apartment. Then, he created a private and quiet office space that is separated from the living room that is also overlooking the garden. In addition to that, Ahmed also suggested having one bedroom that could hold two beds while creating an individualistic lively living room for every one of the family to share.

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Apartment Plan. Photo Courtesy: Accurate Lines.

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First Design Proposal-Option 1. Photo Courtesy: Accurate Lines

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First Design Proposal-Option 2. Photo Courtesy: Accurate Lines.

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Second  Design Proposal. Photo Courtesy: Accurate Lines.


About Heba El-Kalyoubi

Heba Elkalyoubi is a registered architect in Egypt and France and the founder of HK Architecture. Driven by the will to solve a problem and provide answers for those in need, Heba collaborated with “Design To Go” to come up with great design proposals and awesome ideas.

About The Case

The case in need was a house reception and master bedroom re-design. The client wanted the optimum design and best use of his spaces and architect Heba delightfully provided so.

Residential Redesign by Accurate Lines-Linesmag_15
Suggested Interior Design. Photo Courtesy: hoommy.con

Design Proposals

Knowing her client’s exact requirements, Heba began the design process. Firstly, she started identifying the problems with simple diagrams. Starting with the entrance lobby, she adjusted its geometry and proportions. Then moving to the reception, Heba noticed two very important things. The first is that this reception would better hold two zones rather than three which was the client’s contractor suggestion. So, with the correct furniture scale, Heba furnished the reception so as to have the optimum use of space while also providing comfort zoning. The second thing was the reception’s elongated dimension. This has led to a too-long vertical circulation and so a lack of intimacy. Therefore, the architect suggested the best furniture settings to make the reception dimensions more even and make the space more intimate.

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Design Proposal 1 and 2. Photo Courtesy: Heba El-Kalyoubi

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Design Proposal 3 and 4. Photo Courtesy: Heba El-Kalyoubi


After the Heba finished designing the reception she went on to design the master bedroom. So, she analyzed the bedroom and spotted many problems. The bedroom’s furniture wasn’t organized and so it didn’t create the comfy feeling that the client wanted. In addition to that, the bedroom size needed adjustments. So, to solve both problems, Heba offered several furniture setting scenarios to promote comfort. Moreover, she suggested decreasing the toilet size in order to increase the bedroom’s which would make a better space experience.

On Residential Redesign With “Design To Go”, Omar Kishk, Ahmed Atef and Heba El-Kalyoubi

On one hand, Omar Kishk commented on the initiative by saying “Definitely a perfect way to make a difference in such hard times that’s why I dealt with in an educational way and provided multiple proposals for everyone to benefit from.” On the other hand, Ahmed Atef shared in his Live session with “Design to Go” by Esorus some interesting insights on the quality of design and the value of designers saying “It’s crucial that when anybody wants to purchase a unit, for example, a residential one, to make sure of the quality of spaces in terms of scale, ventilation, etc. That’s why we have to consult designers and architects before purchasing it.”  When we asked Heba about her experience in this initiative she said: “It’s impressive”. She elaborated by saying: “It is working on clarifying the misconceptions taken on designers, on being disconnected from people’s reality.”

More About Design To Go by Esorus

To watch the full Live talks on residential redesign with Omar Kishk and Ahmed Atef check: Design To Go by Esorus with Omar Kishk and Ahmed Atef and Design To Go by Esorus with Heba El-Kalyoubi and Mohamed Badie. To read more about “Design To Go” by Esorus check: Malak Rashad and Mohamed Badie.

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