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Rooftop Gardens to be Planted in Cairo for Free

Rooftop Gardens to be Planted in Cairo for Free

Rooftop Gardens Egypt Cairo Urban Gardening Environmental green Initiatives

Pollution is one of the urban challenges facing cities in general and Cairo in particular. Looking at Cairo from above shows in some areas plenty of rooftops full of dust and sand. Yet this picture might be changed soon. Since the Governor of Cairo Khaled Abdel Aal announced recently in a conference, the launching of the Rooftop Gardens initiative in Cairo. As a part of the government’s development plan into a safer and cleaner future. The event included representatives from ‘Movement of Sustainable Development Preneurs’ and ‘Homeland Acknowledgment 2030’: two government-sponsored youth initiatives that aim to build sustainable communities in Egypt.

In addition to that, the youth representation in this project, the initiatives’ mission is to provide all the equipment needed for the installation. Also, they will communicate with residents and explains the message and the advantages of the campaign along with spreading awareness. Nevertheless, the government will be responsible for planting costs and installations. While the residents are expected to keep up with the maintenance of the Rooftop Gardens.

Rooftop Gardens Egypt Cairo Urban Gardening Environmental green Initiatives

Throughout the years, Rooftop gardens have proved it was a useful environmental feature; that minimize pollution and create a relaxing beautiful view in the middle of the cities. Impacting the micro-climate through absorbing heat and CO2 emissions. One of the important features of urban gardening in many cities is planting edible plants. However, it is not yet announced what kind of plants will be planted on the rooftops. 

Difficulties facing planting rooftops in Egypt

Creating sustainable management for the maintenance of this project is one of the crucial challenges. Since most of the residential building already lacks periodical maintenance, and the residents are busy with their work or social life. Despite that, this challenge could be avoided if the project is applied on the rooftops of the residents who are interested in the idea. Rather than planting it in one area for a bunch of residents with different mindsets.  

More about Planting Rooftops

Since the beginning of time, people have been planting rooftops. The most famous one id the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (605-502 BC) ‘one of the seven Wonders of the Ancient World that consists of terraces built on arcaded structure. 

Rooftops Gardens became very popular in New York City in the 1890s moving to Germany in the mid of 1970s. Since then the idea kept spreading around the world causing difference and achieving clean and sustainable cites. In Egypt, the idea is also not new, yet it is not that popular in pop culture.

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