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Secrets of Design: Lighten Up Your Home Decor with...

Secrets of Design: Lighten Up Your Home Decor with Candles

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“I have got too many candles” is a quote that nobody ever said right? Well, we all know that candles add more than just light and fragrance to a home. They ignite our souls with a flame of inspiration and aren’t only perfect for the cold winter months. However, they continue to add beauty all year long. With their play of light, shadow, scents and even just presence, candles create a poetic atmosphere that everybody yearns for. Still wondering why and how to use candles in your home decor? and above all that, what are their types anyway? Then, this article, my friend, is the one for you.

Why to Decorate with candles?

Provide a look

The look of candle burning in beams of soft light can help to smooth out the rough edges of the day. If arranged pleasantly with just the right accessories, a candle can really transform the look of any area in your home. Continue reading to know more about home decor with candles.

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Set a mood

Above all, there is just something really inviting and intimate about a room with a flickering candle in it. The act of lighting candles stands in contrast to the overload we experience in our stressful days creating a soft glow accompanied by a stress-relief ambiance.

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Spread a scent

Good-smelling candles have the power to tranport you to other lives! All you have to do is pick your favourite scent and start lighting up your candle. For instace, you can choose a romantic mood or lively one, a relieving spirit or a refreshing one to name a few. So, just trust in the power of your home decor with candles to completely elevate your home experience.

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What are the types of candles?

loved candles already right? Now before we tell you how to implement candles in your home interior design, let’s first give you a quick glance at the types of candles that you can use.

Tea light Candles

Aside from the birthday candles that we’re all familiar with, there are the tea lights. Above all, those candles are small and light-weight in design. Due to their small size, they only add a little light to your space. However, if you grouped them together, they will surely create an incredibly intimate environment.

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Votive Candles

Many people love this type of candles because they don’t produce any smoke. In addition to that, they burn for a very long time. So, these votive candles are a favorite to many. They are usually placed in pots, jars or glass containers. Finally, scented votive candles are a great way to make your home smell beautiful and looking appealing!

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Pillar Candles

Thick, long burning and smokeless are the most definitive features of pillar candles. They come with various sizes and scents and can be placed together at any corner of your home to create a charming centerpiece. In short, they are perfect for people who don’t want to deal with candleholders and want a candle that is large enough to be commanding once it is lit.

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Taper candles

Tapers are the classic type of candles that are used in candleholders. So, if you use them in a candelabra they will look super fancy and add a lofty character to your space. They are generally tall and thin and have their name from their shape. Taper candles instill elegant air and romantic mood whenever they lie.

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Flameless Candles

Flameless candles are the best options for those who have kids at home. To clarify, these candles operate with batteries or electric charges and unlike other candles, they don’t emit any heat or smoke. So, they don’t emit any harmful fumes and can be left without supervision. They come in variable shapes and forms some of which include tea lights and pillars and many more.

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How to decorate with candles?

So, now after we’re done with why to use candles and how to distinguish between them, let’s have a glance on using them in home décor.

Candles in Living rooms

Living rooms are where you sit comfortably to watch a movie, read adequately a good book, or even just hang freely with your family members and friends. Therefore, your candles’ setting needs to be inviting and warm. You can simply put the candles on your coffee table, windowsill or bookshelf. Also, a candlelit fireplace works wonders in creating a warm mood. Fresh and lively aromas are highly recommended here so that your living room doesn’t only look good, but also smell good. Browse from here our candles and candle holder collection.

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Candles in Dining rooms

For romantic dinner, place candles on the dining room table to create an effortless alluring ethos. Think about this: a candlelight dinner with glowing candles that have a graceful scent coordinated with fair flowers! Irresistible right? Handmade carved candles can make you achieve that mood instantly and charmingly.

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Candles in Bedrooms

Since your bedroom is the heart of relief, so you should place your candles to create this serene and romantic mood. Put your candles on the nightstand or alongside a mirror to create a magical reflection. Also, choose a light scented candle to fill your room with love!

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Candles in Bathrooms

Are you a lover of hot baths? Then, arranging scented candles around your bathtub would be your favorite thing. Calming scents as ocean breeze for example will perfectly tranquillize your hectic day. In addition to that, you can always cluster candles in a corner to add a little bit of style to your bathroom.

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Candles in Home Office

Keep a candle burning in your home office or study area to keep you optimistic and focused. But remember to use aromas that are rather vibrant and refreshing than those relaxing ones to enhance your productivity. Above all, lemon and peppermint scents are known for their amazing ability as energy boosters.

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Candles in Prayer/Meditation Space

You can create your own mystical self-care space for your personal ritual using candles. All you have to do is add some small ones next to your spiritual books alongside your crystals and light them up to enjoy the peace, serenity and love that they spread.

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We hope that you find our tips of home decor with candles useful. For more tips in home decor check: Gorgeous Home Wallpaper Tips to Revive Your Life. 

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