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Senses in interior design by DTG and Shosha Kamal

Senses in interior design by DTG and Shosha Kamal

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On the science of place

With a very intriguing topic, DTG “Design To Go” by Esorus and Shosha Kamal dazzled us. This enlightening topic is the science of place or in other words, the psychological effect of the design. To illustrate, this science is simply how our senses are affected by design and how they affect our mood and so behavior. In this article, you will know more about this science from three different perspectives, learn how to apply it in your home and take to the next level and finally explore a case designed by this theory. So, let’s dive into the senses in interior design that is well-presented by DTG and Shosha Kamal.

Sensory Experiences in design

This science is an interplay between design and psychology it’s simply how design evokes our senses. This design principle gauges how specific triggers influence the holistic well-being of users and these triggers are our five senses. Based on being fully aware of the power of the sense of sight, Shosha Kamal presented other limitless insights. These new insights are the smell and touch senses effect in the mood of a place. So, she introduced us to two guides to help us understand the potentials of the smell and touch senses. Moreover, Shosha showed us the power of plants in creating a well-being design.

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The Sense of Smell

Starting with our sense of smell, Shosha gracefully welcomed the passionate Mohammed Sahmoud who is the founder of Scenti. Sahmoud elaborated on the importance of smell and the value it adds to the design experience. “The sense of smell tops everything up and this is based on scientific research,” he said. “When you enter an esthetically beautiful space that doesn’t have a good smell, your fascination decreases and you gradually stop enjoying the place”. Furthermore, Sahmoud widened our spectrum of thought by saying that “There are different scents designed to elevate certain moods”.

Shosha Kamal on the Sense of Smell

Shosha gave us some tips to enjoy our homes in this lock-down. For instance, growing pleasant smelling plants like basil and mint to add a fresh mood to the place. However, if you want to a more relaxed atmosphere, she recommends boiling some vanilla sticks. The smell would surely fill your air with the soothing mood you long for. In addition to that, she suggested the jasmine scent as being scientifically proven to fight insomnia and provide a serene sleep. For the moms who suffer from homeschooling, Shosha highly recommends boiling vanilla and cinnamon as they are known to trigger creativity.

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On The Sense of Touch

Moving to the sense of touch, Shosha journeyed us to the world of fashion design to present Sara Onsi. Sara is an award-winning fashion designer who mainly works with fabrics and knows its secrets and powers. On that Sara commented, “the texture of the fabric gives it its character and mood”. Then, she added, “different textures have different vibes and so different uses”. For instance, Sara explained “when you touch silk, you immediately get a flowy feeling. However, when you touch wool, you get a more rough effect”.

Shosha Kamal on the sense of touch

Afterward, Shosha gave some pieces of advice. Some of these include using loose fabrics like silk and velvet to create more relaxing environments as in bedrooms. On the other hand, she warned not to use these fabrics in a study area where one needs to be active and alert.

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About Well-being Design

At last, on the well-being, Shosha Kamal hosted Fayrouz Eid, founder of The Daily Crisp online platform for health and wellness, to share with us her very private experience with plants. Fayrouz has recently moved to a new apartment, but for some reason, she didn’t feel like home in it. She read about the power of plants and how they elevated the experiences and enhance happiness. So, she decided to buy some and she commented on that by saying “plants add life, depth, and positive energy”. Furthermore, she resumed saying “it’s like having another family member added to you, they communicate with you”. In addition to that she said “my home now actually feels like home, it’s more alive”

Shosha Kamal on Well-being Design

Commenting on that, Shosha gave us some tips when choosing the best plant to our homes. These tips include the shape of the plant and make sure it harmoniously blends with the home design. And above all, to have a chemistry between you and your plant, because, at the end of the day, you will be welcoming another living creature in your home.

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Sensory Design Application on a Case

“Design To Go” by Esorus collaborated with Shosha Kamal to work on a roof design case and apply the science of place in. The client wanted a roof that she frequently uses and that is easily maintained. So, “Design To Go” by Esorus provided Shosha with the roof plan so that she could start designing. Firstly, Shosha started with a PHI or a personality hunt interview. In this interview, she asked the client several questions to get a deeper knowledge of her. So, that is done in order to provide a perfectly satisfactory design. After this interview, she started the design process.

Resuming with the case

Shosha began designing by removing the bar and suggesting a “Teppanyaki Table” instead. “This table would be where the family would cook together and eat together,” she said. So, in order to enhance the family bond, Shosha designed this special wooden table that would add closeness to the family. “Wood is specifically chosen in the roof design to provide a comfortable and intimate mood”. Then, Shosha went on with designing a “forest perimeter”. To illustrate she explained “the whole roof outline won’t be just about a bunch of small pretty plants. However, we would create a forest experience that wouldn’t just be visually appealing. However, it would add splendid scents and also clarify the air in the roof”. Knowing her client’s interest in sustainability and development, Shosha brilliantly suggested using her office made “recycled can tiles”. Finally, she advised on adding fun shades where the client’s kids can play under.

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Photo Courtesy: Shosha Kamal

On Senses in interior design by DTG and Shosha Kamal

Through “Design To Go” by Esorus, Shosha Kamal had a chance to give back to the community. “It’s a blissful experience that allowed many designers to reach out to help those in need”.  Then, Shosha added, “The initiative is doing an incredible job from gathering designers to collecting inquiries in a very short time that is simply amazing”.

We think that the topic of the senses in interior design by DTG and Shosha Kamal is truly inspiring and enlightening. To read more “Design To Go” inspiring articles, check: Mona Hussein and Karim El-Assal, Mohamed Badr and Rasha Al-Kady. To know more about Shosha Kamal, check: The Pursuit of Light. 
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