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Shipping Containers Design in ZED Park Sports Faci...

Shipping Containers Design in ZED Park Sports Facility 

sports facility sheikh zayed zed park Egypt Cairo Shipping Container
Project Name: ZED Park sports Facility Shipping Containers  

Architect: Khaled Morgan 

Client: Ora Developers  

Consultants: Segments Construction

Completion Year: 2019 

Gross Built Area: 713 m2  

Project location: Cairo, Egypt

The newly inaugerated Zed Park Sport Facility in El-Sheikh Zayed redifines the typology of sports facilites in Egypt. Certainly, it features the largest shipping container structure in the country; with 26 shipping containers stacked side to side.

zed park sports facility

Architect Khaled Morgan responded to the clients demand for a structure that could be fast-tracked. From his experience, Morgan used shipping containers as his building block for the design. The containers were the optimum option according to the designer because of their fast and easy construction, sustainability and durability.

Furthermore, The ground breaking project is composed of 22 40-feet module shipping containers and 4 20-feet ones with a total of 26. They are stacked beside eachother on 2 levels, with a 4m shift on the top level.

Zed Park Sports Facility Shipping container Architecture Sustainable structure

Moreover, this interesting cantilever gives the project its iconic dynamic form. Additionally, it provides shade for the area where the players and coaches meet and socialize.

Shipping Container Architecture 3d Diagrams Zed Park El sheikh zayed contemporary architecture in cairo sustainability

This project aims to reach more sustainable designs around the country, as well as introduce inovativeness in sports facilities. However, its main function is to serve young footballers along with their families, coaches, and facility management team.

The ground floor consists of changing rooms and cloakrooms, a clinic, and administration offices. The upper floor consists of two meeting rooms, an office, a VIP lounge, and an outdoor decked lounge. Both lounges are overlooking the football field with a nice panoramic view.

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Design Team: Khaled Morgan, Mariam Azmy 


Contact e-mail:  

Firm Location: Cairo, Egypt 

Photo credits: Mariam Azmy            

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