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SolarCloud over Masdar City in Abu Dhabi

SolarCloud over Masdar City in Abu Dhabi

SolarCloud Masdar City Abu_Dhabi_at_Night

SolarCLOUD is the title of ‘Solar Space’s Project in Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Solar Space was founded in 2014 in Istanbul, its main concept is ‘Simple but complex’ relations between all the design elements. As architecture always plays an intermediate role between all the natural and artificial resources.

What is SolarCLOUD?

It is a system of energy harvesting in Masdar City. Solar Space will plant 1500 Solar balloons in the field community. Covered with the latest product of the solar industry ‘Solar Fabric’. The estimated cost of the project is 2 million dollars.

Photo Courtesy: Superspace

How it will work?


After installing the 1500 balloons on the site, it will grow and catch the sun lights. The solar balloons will ascend by using the heat of the sun to catch more sunlight in order to produce electric energy. At midnight the balloons will go lower to a determined height. It will become an individual ‘Pixels of 1500 balloons’, in which the system relaxes to become kinetic Light Art Show that will host hundreds of artists from all over the world.

SolarCloud Masdar City Abu Dhabi
Photo Courtesy: Superspace

Masdar City is a planned city that is designed to be a center for CleanTec companies. Besides that, it hosts the Headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency ‘IRENA’. Also, It is described as a 21st-century urban laboratory.

Gathering space for Community

SolarCLOUD will create a form of new urban life, the shaded spaces at the daylight will turn into a media cloud that will host many artists and bring a new experience to all the visitors; who will experience the mini solar balloons gathering together to catch limitless energy from the sun and then turns itself into a digital art platform at night.

Creating a different ‘shapes and light’, And an artistic piece floating in the air where people will gather underneath it.

SolarCloud Masdar City

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