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Some of our Favorite Art Galleries in Egypt

Some of our Favorite Art Galleries in Egypt


Egypt has been always a destination for art and creativity, hosting a wide range of events, art exhibitions, art galleries for art pioneers and admirers for many years.

Art Galleries are the best platform to merge talents from Egypt and all over the world where Contemporary and Modern Arts can meet. And the place where new talents can present their work and get the support needed.

Here are some of our favorite Art Galleries located in Cairo, Egypt:


It launched its showroom in 2014 in Cairo besides its existing online gallery, as to give art lovers a chance to explore art and experience shopping for their favorite pieces in a very inspiring place where all kinds of arts are met.

The online shop was launched in 2012 where you can find original artworks by leading talented contemporary artists in Egypt.

Some of Art pieces in the gallery:

El Borollos II Yassin Harraz
El Borollos II by Yassin Harraz
Quality Time by Hassan El Shark_ArtsMart
Quality Time by Hassan El Shark

Zamalek Art Gallery

It has been a place where modern and contemporary Egyptian art for more than 20 years. Zamalek Art Gallery main goal is to present art pioneers not only in Egypt but also all over the Arab region. The gallery hosted many successful events all over Egypt since 2000 till now.

Some of Art pieces in the gallery:

Old Cairo by Wissam Fahmy
Old Cairo by Wissam Fahmy

Soma Art School and Gallery

If you are looking for a place that combines showing and learning about art, then Soma is the perfect place for you.

It is an Art school and Art Gallery that is based in Cairo that offers educational programs as providing courses as ‘Painting, Comics and Cartoon drawing, Sculpture’ and drawing courses for kids from 5 to 12 years old. As well as hosting exhibitions and art events.

Art Gallery Cairo Art-Exhibition-at-SOMA-Art-School-and-Gallery_Linesmag_6
Art Exhibition at SOMA Art School and Gallery
Art Galleries in Cairo Soma Art Place
Art Classes and Courses at SOMA
UBUNTU Art Gallery

UBUNTU was founded in 2014 by Ahmed El Dabaa. It is specialized in contemporary Egyptian Artworks and secondary market modern Egyptian Art.

The name of ‘UBUNTU’ was inspired by Swahili word ‘UBUNTU’ which is translated to ‘I am because we all one’. It reflects the main mission of the gallery which is ‘how Egyptian history and society affects the Egyptian identity’

The gallery always presented upcoming Egyptian talents and shows their talented works in different exhibitions all over Cairo.

Art Café

This place is totally different from ant art pace you ever heard of. It is a place where everyone can enjoy fine and applied art classes and workshops for kids and adults, not only for artists.

Art center provided its visitors with an extraordinary experience. Where you can get rid of any stress and get inspired by a new world full of colors and recreation.

The founders were very keen to create a new welcoming and homey place where everyone can enjoy their time. By creating an art café where the visitors can feel at home. And enjoy making their own drinks and sharing the beverages and food the place provides all the time. So they can enjoy the café experience along with enjoying the art too.

Art Galleries Egypt Sculpture Class in Art Café
Sculpture Class in Art Café

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