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Stay at home hacks: Creative art and craft making

Stay at home hacks: Creative art and craft making

stay at home art hacks

Stuck at home for a couple of days? Already bored from Tik Tok videos and Instagram challenges? Then, it’s time to lively up your life a little! And what better way to do so than to make art. Before you say that you’re not an artist or art is just limited to those who actually make a living out of their art as designers or painters or photographers, give yourself a chance to read this article. We’re suggesting very simple, yet mind blowing stay at home hacks with creative art and craft ideas. that you can easily do and enjoy. Just open your heart a little bit and see how you can create magic just like those so called artists!

Fun Fusions

Art can come in many shapes and forms, one of which is a white canvas and acrylic colors. If you have a bare wall in your house and a favorite painting, then it’s time to try these. Learn to create cool patterns, beautiful landscapes and harmonious coloring through this stay at home hacks video.

Gorgeous Crafts

Making DIY crafts is surely one of the most appealing experiences ever. It’s where not only where you create something, but it’s where you witness the process of creation. In these videos you will learn how to create different crafts for different uses. These crafts will definitely occupy your time and will also make your home décor look 10x more gorgeous. Some of these include using very simple elements as cardboard and ceramic. However, you will later turn these into beautiful pieces of art. All you have to do is watch these videos, grab your courage and unleash your creativity.

Stunning Recycling

This hack is one of most fruitful stay at home hacks for art and craft lovers. Recycling can become a beautiful form of art only if you’re willing to. In these videos, you will see how you can turn something from absolute uselessness or ugliness into something of absolute prettiness. Recycling isn’t only limited to old stuff like jars but it can include various fields too as clothes recycling. So, let’s dive in in this world of recycling and get something done.

Cool Calligraphy

We have to admit that calligraphy has become one of the coolest hobbies for many people. Thanks to the online tutorials, this hobby is made possible to learn and practice from home. In this tutorial, you will know the supplies you need and how to use them in making marvelous art pieces.


One of the pen projects that you can do at home is the Coloring of mandalas. According to a large number of art therapists, Coloring these geometric drawings help reduce stress, achieve a state of calm, focus and, above all, connect with ourselves.


Another super cool thing to do with your pen is to doodle. It’s one of the most enjoyable stay at home hacks. In this hack you can doodle anything and everything, from characters to letters and even patterns. Check out these videos.

Stay at home hacks for creating good times

As we mentioned before, art comes in many shapes and forms and is simply limitless. So, we deeply encourage you to make art using our stay at home hacks and be creative. Remember that creativity is intelligence having fun. So, it’s important to keep the fun while you’re making art and just enjoy your time. Make something memorable in your stay at home time, something that positively make you remember these times, as good times.
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