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Stay at home hacks for kids: Activities you don...

Stay at home hacks for kids: Activities you don’t want to miss!

Stay at home hacks for kids

Staying at home with kids is a double edged weapon. It’s either double the trouble or double the fun! If kids are involved in creative and enjoyable activities that could make their curiosity soar higher, then their stay at home would definitely be a good idea. However, if they are idle most of the time or have no space to unleash their inner creativity and dreams, their stay at home will be intolerable. But, how to make their stay at home bearable to you and also beneficial to them? The good news is that we have some cool stay at home hacks for kids through fun activities that both of you can enjoy . These hacks will make you feel the joy of bonding with your child as you two work on them together. They are to keep your mind sane and to keep those little fingers occupied too. So, here you go!

Bookshelf Design for Kids

Books are your kid’s window that opens up to a world of learning and exploring. As books inspire us and give us tools to achieve our dreams, we decided to make those dreams come true. One of the dreams that we will help you to pursue is to design a bookshelf with your kid. Here are some creative and DIY ideas for a super cool, super easy shelf design. Some of these from designed with woods and others with recycled materials from your home as cardboard. Of course you as a parent will be in charge of the serious work as cutting. However, your Kids will help you in collecting books and colouring the bookshelf which will be super fun for them.

 Pet House Design for Kids

 Having a pet is a cool thing but designing a house for it is even cooler! Kids love pets and consider them as a family member, so they would love helping you out in this process. Interestingly, pet house design isn’t exclusive on just building a shelter for pets. However, you can encourage your kids to design new stuff for their beloved pet. These stuff may include: pet furniture or even a pet playhouse! All you need is simply use your imagination or check those tutorials for pet house design. This hack is one of the coolest stay at home hacks that kids will absolutely love. You will handle all technical and non-age appropriate tasks that kids shouldn’t do. Yet, Kids will help you in assembling, gluing, drawing and colouring the design that you two will choose.

Paper Architecture Design for kids

 Paper crafts are one of the easiest and most enjoyable things to do. This umbrella includes a variety of options, from simple 2D paper crafts to more elaborate origami. However, we’re here to give you some cool, fresh and easy ideas to make out of paper. We encourage you to design and model a dream house with your child. In this activity you will not only design, cut and stick some paper, but you will give your child a very precious gift, a gift of a dream come true. Again, you should be aware that you will do all the trimming and cutting tasks while your child will do safer ones. Here some ideas to inspire you.

Car design for kids

Most kids love cars and got an adrenaline rush whenever they see them racing. We’re here to tell you that you can re-create this energised feeling with your kids. How to start? First, let the kids choose their favourite character to be an inspiration for his or her car design. Second, ask them what does this character needs for his/her car regarding space and looks. Last but not least, give them a piece of paper and colours and let the fun begin. Here are some resources to help you get started but be aware to put your child’s safety a priority in the execution process. This article will inspire you: 10 Kids Designed The Car Of The Future, And They’re Brilliant

and this video will help you.

Stay at home hacks kids activities

Tech-Design for Kids

We can’t fail to notice that some indoor activities is just too dull for our kids to try. Many of them prefer to use technology over craft making. However, we are delighted to solve this equation for you. This equation will be solved through giving you and your kid a hands on technology experience. This is one of the stay at home hacks dedicated for the techie kids in your life. For those kids who fond of technology and are passionate about the mechatronics field. Here is a website of suggested STEM toys that you can buy and start diving in the design/technology world: 13 Smart STEM Toys for the Techie Kids in Your Life

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We greatly encourage you to change the concept of a boring stay at home and try the hacks we mentioned. The bonding, sharing and designing with your child is an exceptional experience that you should embrace. So, try one or more of our stay at home hacks and let us know how this went for you! For more cool stay at home hacks, check Stay at home hacks – Part One “Nature and Culture”

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