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Stay at home hacks: “Nature and Culture̶...

Stay at home hacks: “Nature and Culture”

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From scary news to sarcastic memes, people seem to be stuck. Yet, we’re offering you this article to let go of these worthless things and invite you to do fruitful ones. Here are some of the most creative home hacks that you can spend your time in.

Corona Virus shutdown benefits

We can’t deny that the virus suddenly locked many people in the home which has led to inevitable boredom. However, definitely, there are some pros that you can get out of the situation, one of which is time. Because of this shutdown, now you can have the time to do postponed things and learn stuff that has always been on hold.

Stay at Home Hack: Enriching

If you are an extrovert and love to explore new things and new places but couldn’t. Here’s how to enjoy your afternoon at a museum, a zoo, a theme park or even a different country all without even leaving your couch. One of the most positive things that the virus has brought is the privilege to have virtual tours. So the places that you have always dreamed of visiting but didn’t have enough time or money for it, here is your chance! Some of these places include:

Explore NASA

It lets you explore virtual reality experiences in space, take astronaut selfies and go to faraway galaxies!  So you are one click away from a whole new universe. If you find this one of the most inspiring and amusing home hacks then check this website: NASA’s free Space Center Houston app.

NASA has yet another treat for you! They have made their entire resources of images, audios and videos available online and what’s more, downloadable through this website:

home hacks

Delight in museums

If you’re a fan of arts and cultures and the infinite branches they offer, then Google’s art and culture platform is the place for you. Offering a wide spectrum of each country’s artists and art movements, mediums, historic events and figures and places to visit. It would the virtual place where you would lose track of time.

This outstanding platform has yet more to amuse you with. It offers virtual tours to 14 of the most admired and honored museums in the world, they include:

-Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York: This museum is dedicated to fostering an understanding of contemporary art and architecture.

-Musée d’Orsay, Paris: Which has an outstanding art collection from 1848 to 1914.

-Georgia O’Keefe Museum, Santa Fe: The museum is dedicated to the remains of the famous Georgia O’Keefe

-MoMA, New York: the museum  showcases some of contemporary art -history’s most famous paintings, from the likes of Van Gogh and Picasso.

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Guggenheim Museum

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Musée d’Orsay


-The Art Institute of Chicago: It houses 260,000 pieces of art from across the centuries. It is home to one of the largest permanent collections of any museum in the United States.

-National Museum, New Delhi: The museum offers variable works of art including painting, sculpture, jewelry, ancient texts, armor and decorative arts.

-Uffizi Gallery, Florence: It was designed in 1560 and hosts Italy’s most important works of art.

-The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles: Featuring works from the eighth through to the 21st century.

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Uffizi Gallery

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J. Paul Getty Museum


-Detroit Institute of Arts: It  houses an incredible collection and it’s actually one of the top six in the United States. One of its most notable holdings accessible online are Frida Kahlo’s Self-Portrait on the Borderline Between Mexico and the United States.

-The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York: It celebrates collections from all around world. It has twenty-six virtual exhibits and over 200,000 documented works.

-Tate Britain, London: One of the UK’s most respected museums, it was opened in 1897. It holds two-hundred and seventy beautiful works of arts.

-La Galleria Nazionale, Rome: It hosts over 20,000 artworks ranging from antiquity to more contemporary works.

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Detroit institute of arts

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Metropolitan Museum of Art


-Rijks Museum, Amsterdam: The museum has a whopping 164,511 pieces of artwork including those of Vermeer and Rembrandt.

-Museo Frida Kahlo, Mexico City: This museum is to honor Frida’s life and artistic legacy. Nearly 70 examples of Kahlo’s personal effects and artworks are showcased in the museum.

-Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam: It is where you can get a close look at Van Gogh’s most famous works of art.

-British Museum, London: One of the most prestigious museums around the world. It’s where you can see The Rosetta Stone and Egyptian mummies

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British Museum

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Van Gogh Museum


Have Fun in Parks

For those who value nature and feel detached by staying home, here’s how to bring wild life right in your living room. The Monterey aquarium, California is offering virtual look at its colorful sea creatures. Also, San Diego Zoo has offered one of the most entertaining home hacks. It has live cams that show koalas, pandas, penguins and many other animals providing endless entertaining and fascination.

In addition to all this, we can’t deny that enjoying Disney Land is one of the best home hacks ever. That’s why Disney has offered a walk through its magical kingdoms of Disney Land and Disney World.

home hacks

Do not miss this chance!

Now isn’t only the time to clean out your closet or video call your friends and family. But, it’s time to get enlightened and truly enjoy yourself. To add to your list of museums, we recommend you check these: Hurghada National MuseumGayer Anderson Museum: The story from average to eccentric and The Grand Egyptian Museum: A project of humanity.

Remember that Shakespeare was quarantined because of the plague, he wrote King Lear. So don’t miss this chance!

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