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Stefano Boeri unveils Egypt’s first ‘vertica...

Stefano Boeri unveils Egypt’s first ‘vertical forest’

Stefano Boeri Egypt 'vertical forest'

Egypt will host the first vertical forest in Africa in its New Administrative Capital; in the desert 30 miles east Cairo, Egypt. The vertical forest consists of three cube-shaped apartment buildings sheltered in planted terraces. The Italian architect Stefano Boeri designed the ‘vertical forest’ in collaboration with the Egyptian designer Shimaa Shalash as well as the Italian landscape architect Laura Gatti.

“Egypt is witnessing a flourishing moment in terms of new planning and real estate development,” Shalash told CNN. “We couldn’t think of a better start than introducing environmentally sustainable architecture solutions.”

Stefano Boeri Egypt 'vertical forest'

The vertical forest consists of three 30 meters tall by 30 meters wide cube-shaped apartment buildings covered in planted terraces. Moreover, the seven story-high trios will host at least 350 trees and 14,000 shrubs of over 100 different species. Which will provide a clean air from green clean surfaces and an amazing natural view to look at.

Every unit apartment will have a planted balcony with species that suits the local climatic conditions. Plants at every level will provide natural shading and ventilation. The plants will provide a very healthy environment to live in and enjoy.

Stefano Boeri Egypt 'vertical forest'

The architect is committed to “a global campaign on urban forestry” that encourage city farms, roof gardens, green facades and other forms of public greenery. Boeri’s designed his first signature tower blocks in his home city of Milan in 2009. Also, Stefano Boeri Architetti has designed vertical forest buildings in France and the Netherlands and even conceptual vertical forests for planet Mars.

Stefano Boeri Egypt 'vertical forest'

The project will begin in 2020 and will take between two to three years to construct. Nevertheless, it is a huge step in Egypt’s construction and its development. In addition, it’s a great step towards facing the country’s challenges in terms of pollution.

Are you excited to see the First African Vertical Forest after its construction in 2023?

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